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Wordament is a boggle styled Xbox Windows Phone game where you have to create words from a 4x4 grid of letters. You earn points based on the letters used and compete against thousands of other Wordament players to earn the most points.

Wordament was recently updated to version 2.5 and adds the ability to login with your Facebook account so you can play against your Facebook friends.  You can still log-in with your Windows ID with the Facebook log-in being optional.

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Ruzzle, the popular word game akin to Boggle but with the ability to play with friends across iOS and Android, has managed to get a decent update today. Version 1.1 is now live in the Store and brings Toast Notifications and user stats for your game history.

Boasting over 35 million players, the game was first launched on iOS back in March 2012, later going to Android and finally landing on Windows Phone 7.x and 8 devices just over two weeks ago. Much like Wordament, the game involves users trying to find words in a grid of letters, scoring higher points for larger, more complicated ones.

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Windows Phone Game Review: Twisted

Twisted is an online, multi-player, boggle styled game for your Windows Phone. As with most boggle styled games, you are presented with a 4x4 grid of letters that you have to build as many words as possible within a certain time limit.

You create the words by tracing connected letters to form the words. Letters have varying points values and some letters have multipliers.

Twisted is very similar to the leading boggle styled game for our Windows Phone, Wordament.  However, the game takes a different approach to the game.  I don't think Twisted will knock Wordament out of the number one spot, but it does make for a nice compliment to your Windows Phone gaming library.

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Windows Phone Xbox Live Review: Wordament

Windows Phone has long been host to a number of quality word games, but they were all indie titles rather than Xbox Live ones. In fact, all the good indie word games even boasted multiplayer features, something long and inexplicably missing from mobile Xbox Live games. Of those indie standouts, one reigned supreme: Wordament, from a developer called You vs. the Internet. As it turns out, You vs. the Internet is a side project of a couple of Microsoft employees. Once Microsoft saw how well Wordament turned out, they made the wise decision to publish the game and bring elevate it to Xbox Live status. Wordament truly deserves all the visibility it can get, because it happens to be one of the finest and most addictive games on the platform.

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When TextTwist 2 launched less than a month ago, Achievement hunters were thrilled. After all, anagram games are super cheatable thanks to Scrabble helper sites. But alas! The game was glitched, and one mode (Daily Word) didn’t work at all. Thankfully Game House takes their Xbox Live titles seriously, and we already have a patch to fix things.

TextTwist 2 version 1.1 release notes:

  • Daily Word mode can now be played daily after the first round is completed (days are measured in UTC time).
  • Achievements based on completing multiple rounds of games modes (‘Apprentice,’ ‘Journeyman,’ and ‘Grand Master’) can now be unlocked.
  • The ‘Lightning Bolt’ Achievement, for completing a Lightning round with no hints, is now achievable.

The update does what it says, alright. I loaded the game up after patching, and grabbed ‘Lightning Bolt’ and some of the multi-round Achievements. Gotta love it when a developer moves so quickly to fix a game’s problems.

A word of advice: if you plan to complete the requisite 30 rounds of Daily Word by playing with the phone’s clock, make sure to set the clock back as far as possible before launching the updated game. That way, you can hit 30 days on or around the present date instead of waiting for the Achievement to unlock on some future date (a common side effect of playing with the clock). Or you could just be patient.

TextTwist 2 costs $2.99 and there is a free trial. Get it here on the Marketplace.

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After a few hours delay, it’s here! The 100th Xbox Live release for Windows Phone, TextTwist 2 from GameHouse, is now on the Marketplace.

TextTwist 2 is a word-finding game that plays a lot like Boggle. The game presents a random assortment of letters which players then use to create as many words as possible. A dictionary with tens of thousands of words means just about any word you can think of should be accepted (no naughty ones though). Multiple game modes include Unlimited (no time limit), Standard (timed), Daily Word (try to find the longest word possible once daily), Lightning (find preselected words under a strict time limit), and Letter Mania (fill an anagram grid before time runs out).

So far, Text Twist 2 seems to be just as good as anticipated. Making selections on the main menu is a bit wonky as you have to highlight a selection before picking it - not sure why they didn't just use words with large hitboxes like practically every other mobile game. But selecting and deselecting letters in-game is completely painless, and that's what counts. The Achievements pop pretty quickly, too. We can always rely on GameHouse for easy GamerScore - except for Doodle Jump.

TextTwist 2 costs $2.99 and there is a free trial. Scoop it up here on the Marketplace.

Oh, and WPCentral will have a new Game House-related announcement soon!

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We first caught wind of TextTwist 2 coming to Xbox Live back in August when GameHouse announced multiple Windows Phone projects. The publisher later decided to publish a few of those games as indie titles under their RealNetworks label, but TextTwist 2 has kept its Xbox Live status. And now it’s finally coming out this week.

TextTwist 2 is a word-finding game that plays a lot like Boggle. The game presents a random assortment of letters which players then use to create as many words as possible. Multiple game modes include Unlimited (no time limit), Standard (timed), Daily Word (try to find the longest word possible once daily), and Letter Mania (fill an anagram grid before time runs out).

Achievement hunters/OCD sufferers note that TextTwist 2 has a few Achievements that don’t end in a five or zero. Still, if they’re anything like Collapse!’s Achievements, it shouldn’t be too hard to get all 200 GamerScore in short order.

TextTwist 2 debuts this Wednesday, January 18. We don’t have a price yet, but we’ll update as soon as we know. As for the 100th Xbox Live game designation, I believe that count includes a few non-game apps and delisted games, but it’s still a nice thought.

Update: It will cost $2.99.

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You, Me and Words - Review

You, Me and Words joins the healthy list of Boggle type games on the Windows Phone Marketplace. But there's something different about You, Me and Words that sets it apart from the other games such as Wordrix and Word Arena.

For starters, instead of a 4x4 grid of letters, You, Me and Words has a 3x3 grid. If my math is correct, that means you have seven fewer letters to build words off of. You also don't have to link the letters together, you simply tap the letters in sequence to build the word.

To read more on You, Me and Words just follow the break.

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