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Elemental Breaker from DCT is a Windows Phone exclusive game and will soon be headed to Windows 8. The breakout styled game was released just a short time ago on the Marketplace and out of 71 reviews, the game is averaging four out of five stars. A rating we won't argue with.

Elemental Breaker is a multi-level two times over type game. That is you have three level packs that contain nine sub-levels. The first level pack comes pre-loaded with the initial install and level packs two and three can be downloaded at your leisure.

The main menu for Elemental Breaker has options to play the game, view the "How-to" tutorial, access the settings, view the developer's information, and view your power-up/bonus balls (sixteen all together) that can be earned during game play. Settings are few and cover vibration on/off and sound levels.

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IonBallEX - Review

The Atari classic Breakout may have started the brick-breaking genre, but Taito’s Arkanoid took it to the next level, adding enemies and powerups into the mix. Enter indie developer IronSun Studios, whose IonBallEX draws liberal inspiration from Arkanoid while adding a few unique twists.

Before we get to the nuts and bolts, a history lesson: IonBallEX (a title which could seriously use one or two spaces) is the Xbox Live sequel to the original IonBall, which debuted as an indie game on Windows Phone (see our review). It then migrated to Xbox 360, also as an indie game. The only Xbox Live brick-breaking competition on Windows Phone is the abysmal 3D Brick Breaker Revolution (review), so IonBallEX is automatically the best game of its type by default. Thankfully it’s actually pretty good.

Slide past the break for our full review.

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We covered 'Breakout' back in February and gave it high praise for its smooth and addicting gameplay, noting it was one of the best 'brick breaker' type games available (the other is 'Blockbuster'). At the time, the game was fetching for $1.29, a price we felt was well worth it.

Well, like that 'Orb' deal this game has dropped off to completely free--however, we're not sure if this is a time-limited offer or permanent, so we'd recommend downloading now to lock in that price. Highlights of the game include nice graphics (Metro-esque), ability to save mid-game, unlock on-board achievements and even create custom levels. In other words, give it a go, whaddya got to lose?

Grab it here in the Marketplace.

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Yesterday we took a look at the new game 'Breakout' which fetches for a $1.29 and offers a ton of unique functionality (see the video here). Today we're taking a peek at another similar brick-breaker app called 'Blockbuster'.

'Blockbuster' has really great wire-frame, retro graphics that remind of us of old arcade games--we love those things. It's similar to your typical breakout game but offers a unique twist: the ability to knock the blocks into side areas for extra points. It's a neat offering instead of the often harder to use "power ups" we see in these games. In addition, the game has local, national and global leaderboards, making competition quite fun and easy to track.

Overall we really like the game and we really like the price: free (ad supported). While not as feature-rich as 'Breakout', it is compelling and fun enough to keep us entertained. Grab it here in the Marketplace.

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We haven't counted, but we've tried quite a few "breakout/brick breaker" games over the last few months, including that one for Xbox which...well, moving on.

Seeing as we haven't covered any of them should tell you what we think of them (though Ionball was pretty good), so it's finally nice to go "Aha! Here's the one you want!". This version of 'Breakout' is by by Clayton Industries, which as far as we can tell is just two brothers and goes for $1.29 in the Marketplace (with a free trial). The description is as follows:

Breakout is a modern approach to the classic brick breaking game, featuring 30 levels, an integrated level editor, two weapons, an array of power-ups, a high scores table, in-game achievements, and much more.

What caught our eye though was just how darn smooth the game's like buttah. The UI is the best we've seen, we love the save/load feature, sounds and level editor. But hey, watch the video and try it yourself. Tell us if we're crazy for liking it so much in comments. Marketplace link.

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