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Bubble Birds


These Windows Phone games are for the birds

Windows Phone Central Roundup: Bird Games
Windows Phone Central Game Roundup: Bird Games

As The Trashmen so aptly put it, "The birds is the word" with this week's Windows Phone Game Roundup. These are games with the central character being a bird.

Most are really nice games to pass the time with and include an Xbox Live title, a sequel, and one that can easily get tangled up in knots. We picked out five games that stood out in the Windows Phone Store and there are still a large flock of "bird" games loose in the store.

If we've missed your favorite game of birds, feel free to chime in below in the comments with your recommendations.

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Bubble Birds getting into the Holiday Spirit

XIMAD has released their popular Windows Phone game Bubble Birds with a dash of holiday spirit. Bubble Birds Christmas is a special edition of the game that ads a wintry scene in the background and gives the games' music a holiday twist.

Game play is the same with your goal being to match three or more birds of the same color to remove them from the playing field. You do this by shooting colored birds from the bottom of the screen. If the playing fields of birds reaches the bottom, game over.

Bubble Birds Christmas is a festive rendition of the original game (here's our review) that is just as entertaining. It is a free, ad supported game that you can find here at the Windows Phone Marketplace.

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Bubble Birds v2 - App Spotlight

What seems as a life time ago, we shared with you a bubble burst kinda game called Bubble Birds. You basically shoot colored birds out of a basket into a closing formation of birds. Your goal is to form groupings of three or more similarly colored birds and keep the birds at bay. If the birds make it to the bottom of the screen, game over.

The developers have recently unleashed Bubble Birds v2 that brings a slightly different design, levels and new characters to make the game more challenging. The basic game play hasn't changed but within the field of birds you have coin bubbles that can be collected and used as you advance through the levels to buy additional lives or to open up extra levels. A key bubble is also added to the mix and when you collect it, you advance to the next level.

In just tinkering with Bubble Birds v2 for a short period, the improvements add to an already enjoyable game. You have a few new character birds, such as the stone bird that can only be removed by a bomb or the chameleon bird.

As with the original, Bubble Birds 2 is a free, ad-supported game. It is our understanding that future updates will be bringing new levels to the game. You can download Bubble Birds v2 here (opens Zune) at the Marketplace.

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Bubble Birds - Review

XIM Inc. is no stranger to Windows Phone gaming. They produced a handful of popular gaming apps for Windows Mobile (AquaLines, Droplets, Tic-Tac-Toe 6x6, etc.) and now are setting their sites on Windows Phone 7. Bubble Birds is one of the developers first releases for the new Windows Phone and it shows a lot of promise.

The game premise is simple. You face rows of colored birds at the top of the screen and you shoot additional birds from a basket located at the bottom of the screen. Your goal is to create a combination of three similarly colored birds and watch the disappear. Nothing too complicated except the rows of birds continue to grow, working its way to the bottom of the screen. When it hits the bottom, game over.

It's an interesting twist on a classic game and to read more about Bubble Birds, ease on past the break.

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