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Bubble Birds v2


Bubble Birds v2 - App Spotlight

What seems as a life time ago, we shared with you a bubble burst kinda game called Bubble Birds. You basically shoot colored birds out of a basket into a closing formation of birds. Your goal is to form groupings of three or more similarly colored birds and keep the birds at bay. If the birds make it to the bottom of the screen, game over.

The developers have recently unleashed Bubble Birds v2 that brings a slightly different design, levels and new characters to make the game more challenging. The basic game play hasn't changed but within the field of birds you have coin bubbles that can be collected and used as you advance through the levels to buy additional lives or to open up extra levels. A key bubble is also added to the mix and when you collect it, you advance to the next level.

In just tinkering with Bubble Birds v2 for a short period, the improvements add to an already enjoyable game. You have a few new character birds, such as the stone bird that can only be removed by a bomb or the chameleon bird.

As with the original, Bubble Birds 2 is a free, ad-supported game. It is our understanding that future updates will be bringing new levels to the game. You can download Bubble Birds v2 here (opens Zune) at the Marketplace.

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