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Xbox LIVE has been pushing online multiplayer gaming forward since its launch in November 2002. Microsoft’s online service recently hit 46 million members and isn’t stopping any time soon. With the launch of Xbox One later this year, a collection of new features will be added to the service including smarter matching, a new reputation system, and a new style of Xbox achievements.

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The Nokia Lumia Challenge is a series of challenges by Nokia involving the Lumia line of Windows Phones.  Most of the challenges deal with photography, challenging Lumia owners to show off their camera skills.  The challenge covers a wide range of topics such as panoramas, night-time adventures, Cinemagraphs and the latest Lumia Challenge is Reflections.

Be it a reflection on water, in a window, from a mirror or any other reflective surface.  Much along the lines of the above photo by Abdul Abdurrab, one of our readers who won last week's challenge.

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The Windows Phone team has taken the Smoked by Windows Phone challenge to Italy with a steady stream of contestants attempting to best the platform. Should they lose they would (as usual) have to hold up a sign and announce they've been smoked by a Windows Phone. But should they win, and this is the interesting part, they'd pocket a pair of headphones.

What's so interesting about the headphones? They're shaped like a giant phone.

Possibly the coolest prize from the challenge? The Windows Phone Italy team has been keeping everyone up-to-date with latest happenings on their Twitter account, paying particular attention to the charts which record the wins / loses. According to the photos published, Windows Phone appeared to have been holding its own successfully.

Check out more photos after the break. Via: Plaffo

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Windows Phone App Review: 30 Day Challenge

Does your photography need a little motivation? Or maybe you just like taking pictures and are looking for a challenge. Whatever the reason, if you like taking pictures you need to take a gander at the Windows Phone app 30 Day Challenge.

30 Day Challenge presents you with a new photography challenge each day. Such as taking a picture of something geeky to taking a picture where no ones feet are touching the ground. Challenges range from people to places to things. 30 Day Challenge is a fun app that can spark new life into your camera or keep it from getting rusty.

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Quadrata and Triangula - Double Header Review

Remember the line game squares? Some may have called it "Dots and Boxes".  You know the game.  Where you drew a grid of dots on a piece of paper and took turns connecting them to build squares? Arkady Elterman has developed two games built around the old paper and pencil game.

These two Windows Phone games are so close, they could have been game modes under the same title. So similar that a double header of a review can cover both under the same headline.

To read more on Quadrata and Triangula, move on past the break.

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