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concept phone

Victor Cao, an artist from Vietnam, has created some concept designs for a Sony device running what appears to be a vision of Windows Phone 8. What's eye-popping about the design? The specifications of course, unfortunately we still can't wireless synchronise with microwaves and ovens but the proposed 1080p screen with a 12MP camera coupled with HD video capturing would be pretty nice.

Only issue I have with it is the UI, it's taken the simplicity of Metro and thrown in some gradients with glass effects. While I think the device looks promising (and the specification is on par with advancements), the prediction of WP8 looking as it does in the designs isn't my cup of tea. Check out some more images after the break.

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There's still a bit of buzz lingering from Nokia and Microsoft's newly announced partnership with Windows Phone 7. The ink has barely dried on the press release and we are now seeing concept photos on what the first Nokia Windows Phone might look like.

The concept phone resembles the Samsung Focus but has the power button joining the micro-USB port and 3.5mm jack at the top of the phone. One can only assume that the camera and volume buttons rest on the left side of the phone that isn't shown.  Right now we can only guess what might be under the hood.

While the colors add a little flair to the Windows Phone line-up, does the concept phone look a little plain for Nokia? Or does it hit the right spot?

It will be interesting to see what additional details come to light at the 2011 Mobile World Congress. We've got a crew flying the ocean blue this weekend and will be pounding the pavement trying to find out all that we can Windows Phone related.

Source: Engadget  Thanks to everyone who sent this tip in!

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