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Couponraja ( offers coupons, promotions, and deals from over 1000 online retailers across India.

Launched in October 2011, the service attempts to be a one-stop source for big savings with minimum hassle. The company has launched their official app for Windows Phone last week that helps searching for and using coupon codes in an easy and seamless manner.

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Yesterday we shared that was having a weekend sale on the Nokia Lumia 521 from T-Mobile. The price has been reduced from $149 to $99.95 through this Saturday, July 30th at midnight EST.

If you're on the fence about the Lumia 521, has a coupon code for this deal knocking down the price to $79.95 (new T-Mobile customers only). Just enter the coupon code 135235 at check out and you'll save another $20.


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FidMe is a popular Windows Phone app that enables consumers to login and utilise their FidMe accounts while on the move. From cards to deals and coupons, the service is a great tool for those who enjoy taking advantage of the best deals and loyalty programs. The team behind the Windows Phone app has now released an identical app for Microsoft's latest desktop operating system, Windows 8.

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The Windows Phone catalogue of big brand apps is growing with the official ( app now available in the store. The service enables consumers to save up to 50-percent at numerous supporting restaurants, as well as savings at high street stores and deals on tourist attractions. It's a popular destination for shoppers and bargain hunters who enjoy saving a penny or two when out and about.

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We’re going to say right off the bat that we’re not into the whole JunoWallet thing—but we do recognize many of you are, so it’s with that sense we’re glad to announce that they have a well polished app for Windows Phone now.

For those of you who don’t know, JunoWallet ( is a mobile service that brings “deals” to your phone. Basically you have to fill out surveys that then earn you credits.  Those credits will then allow you to redeem things like gift-cards and other items from the JunoWallet company.

It’s like the opposite of online anonymity. Instead of not wanting companies to track you, you’re embracing the system to earn free stuff. And we have heard of people making quite a bit of money off of these deals—basically just filling out forms all day.  Granted, you can fill out fake info and we suppose that could work too—like we said, we don’t do this stuff, so we’re not completely privy on all the ins and outs...

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While Brandon Watson is offering an alternative to webOS developers in the form of transition support, AdDuplex is offering a little help of their own. The offer is simple, port your app to Windows Phone and AdDuplex will give you 20,000 ad impressions.

As with most free offers there are rules (to prevent anyone from taking advantage of the deal) and they are as follows:

  • Have an app published in the official application store on other mobile platform before August 22, 2011.
  • Port and publish it in Windows Phone Marketplace from August 22, 2011 to December 31, 2011.
  • Request your 20,000 ad impressions coupon by sending links to your app on the other platform and Windows Phone platform to

While this will help webOS developers get started, the offer is also being extended to Android, iOS, and Blackberry developers. It's nice to see the Windows Phone community offer alternatives to webOS and other developers.

Even if webOS finds a way to survive (which we hope it will) these offers will give developers a means to diversify their lineup.

source: blog.adduplex

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