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'Space Tube' 3D speed game hands on

Months ago we took a look at 'Descent', a 3D racing clone that pits you in a high-speed "tube" for some dizzying adventures.

Fast forward to today and 'Space Tube' hits the Marketplace for a pricey $2.99. However, this game is a little more polished: better music, easier controls, better graphics (for cut scenes, at least) and more robust game play. We took it for a spin and enjoyed it, though found the price a bit high. The game has a trial available, which we recommend you at least give a try.

Try it out here in the Marketplace.

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Do you like racing? Do you like racing through endless tunnels while rotating around at high speeds, losing all sense of up or down, while inducing nausea?

Then "Descent" by RH Computing is for you.

Just released to the Marketplace and fetching for $0.99 (+ trial), the game is a load of fun and will test your skills as you try to dodge obstacles, gain energy orbs and ramp up your speed. Make no mistake, not only is it a blast but it will take time to get good at it. Plus the graphics are nice and smooth as you can see from the video above. Hey, for a buck, we can think of worse things to spend your money one, so maybe give this a shot.

Grab the demo here in the Marketplace. Hit us up in comments for your thoughts on the game.

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