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Farlight is an artistic app for your Windows Phone that allows you to create animated kaleidoscopic drawings.  It's basically a doodle app with a bit of a psychedelic twist to it.

There really isn't much to Farlight but you may find yourself mesmerized by the app trying to see what unique, colorful, animated drawings you can create.  Farlight may not appeal to everyone but I can see it being appealing app for the Kids Corner or for someone just looking for a something different for their Windows Phone.

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Mangatronic is a Windows Phone photography app that gives your pictures a comic styled effect, similar to what you would find in Japanese Manga drawings.

Mangatronic converts your photo into a sketch drawing and offers twenty-five effects to apply to the drawing. Mangatronic has potential but the interface needs to be a little more user friendly and more detail needs to be preserved in the final image.  It's worth a try but also needs a little fine tuning.

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Sketch is a Windows Phone app that converts your photographs into pencil drawings. Sketch can convert existing photos into drawings or launch the camera app and capture new photos to convert.

The Windows Phone photography app has twenty seven drawing styles to choose from, each having the ability to be fine tuned. Add sharing support for Facebook, Twitter, Flickr, Tumblr and Photobucket and Sketch isn't too shabby of a photo effects app for your Windows Phone.

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