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Microsoft has released a new teaser for the Nokia Lumia 1520, the largest Windows Phone available to date. The video runs the viewer through the troubled life of the DVD, which is being replaced by cloud-hosted digital content and streaming. Towards the closing frames, it's shown how DVDs can be recycled as opposed to dumped, which brings us onto the Lumia 1520's recycled back cover. Not only that, but it's the bright green variant.

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The popular media player VLC is setting its sights on Windows 8 and beyond. The developers are calling for donations to be sent forward to fund further development into hiring third-party aid. This will help create a top quality experience on Microsoft's latest platforms. At the time of writing the project has a backing of £4,532 pledged so far with 252 donators.

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There is a lot of software out there claiming to make it easy to convert DVDs and videos for your WM phone. I have been looking for one for a long time with many disappointing results. Some I just could not get to work, others were very complicated or very touchy. While others simply could not deliver a video good enough to even watch on my small cell phone screen. So while talking with the makers of IM+ (which we really like), I saw that they had a video studio and really wanted to try it. I am glad I did try Mobiola Video Studio Pro ver 3.1.12. After so much disappointment in so many other video / DVD to cell phone applications, I want to share with you why this one is a good application to put on your short list of possibilities…
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