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We know that the Acer F1 is a Windows Mobile phone with a Snapdragon processor under the hood. We did mention back in March that the F1 might have a September release date and the rumors are growing in strength.

Engadget Mobile is reporting that the F1 is rumored to be released "at the end of September and in the fourth quarter".  Beyond the 1ghz Snapdragon processor, 3.5mm headphone jack, and 3.8-inch WVGA screen very little is known for sure about the F1.  It should be released running WM 6.1 Professional and upgradeable to WM 6.5.

No report as to where the F1 one might be released during this four-month window but we can only hope that the U.S. market is involved.

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Computex: A whole mess o' WinMo 6.5

Windows Mobile is alive and well at the Computex Show on Taipei. In fact, it's Windows Mobile 6.5 that's making a strong appearance.

After the break, a flurry of phones (brought to us by ePrice.com with an assist from Pocket PC Thoughts) from the likes of GSmart, Mio, Acer, Garmin-Asus and Mobinnova. You might not find them available in the states anytime soon, but that's not stopping anybody here.

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Along with Windows Mobile 6.5, one of the other things we're keen to see this year is the arrival of the Snapdragon processor, which promises bad-arse performance alongside increased battery life. The Toshiba TG01 is one phone we know is coming, and here's another reportedly on its way.

Dutch site All About Phones (translated) visited Acer at a conference, where it showed off eight new phones. The F1 reportedly will have a Snapdragon running at (only) 800MHz (the TG01 is at a full GHz). It will launch in September and have Windows Mobile 6.5 out of the box. Price should be in the neighborhood of $750 which, when you think about it, might not be that bad for that much power. It'll also have Acer's version of HTC's TouchFlo interface.

Do note that the image above is of a nonworking prototype, so we'll keep our eyes open for something a little more official.

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