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fantasy games

Tink Magician is a relatively new Windows Phone 8 game that has you defending a magical kingdom from a demon lord. You use your magical spells to summon elemental powers to destroy the invading armies of the demon lord. Tink Magician is a fantasy battle game that plays much like a tower defense game but also has RPG aspects.

As you battle your way through the map of your kingdom, you will earn experience points that can be used to upgrade your character and gold coins that can be used to buy power boosts. While Tink Magician is a fast-paced Windows Phone 8 game, it can also be rather exhausting with the volume of monsters and bosses you have to defeat.

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Lies of Astaroth is a fantasy card based battle game that has seen a bit of success over on iOS and now is available for Windows Phone 8. 

Game play has you dealing your characters from a deck of cards to do battle against a wide assortment of creatures.  The strategy battle game reminds me of the card games like Magic: The Gathering and Yu-Gi-Oh

While card based battle games may not be everyone’s cup of tea, Lies of Astaroth does have a certain level of appeal.  Graphics are attractive, game play is fairly simple and challenging and we suspect the game will find its fair share of success on the Windows Phone platform.

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Looking for a Dungeons and Dragons styled board game for your Windows Phone? Take a look at the new Windows Phone game Dark Quest.

Dark Quest is a turn based, fantasy role playing game for your Windows Phone where you play the role of a barbarian warrior on a quest to defeat an evil sorcerer and his evil minions who have taken over your lands.

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Deal Alert: Dragon's Blade goes on sale, now $.99

The popular Windows Phone RPG game Dragon's Blade has seen it's price slashed from $6.99 to $.99. We aren't sure how long this sale will last but it's not a bad deal on a decent little RPG game.

You create a party from seven classes that includes warriors, templars, thieves, juggernauts, archers, sorcerers and clerics. Once you have your team assembled you explore the lands to discover treasure, explore dungeons and battle monsters.

There is also an online mode where you can chat with others in your area, backup your gaming progress online, and play mini-games within the game such as blackjack.

Graphics and animations are nice and if you've been on the fence about buying the full version of Dragon's Blade now may be the time to act. You can find an ad supported, free version of Dragon's Blade here and the ad-free version of Dragon's Blade DX (currently $.99) can be snatched up here at the Windows Phone Marketplace.

Thanks, Jonas, for the tip!


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UberMage launches at the Marketplace

UberMage is a new game over at the Windows Phone Marketplace that has you pitted against an Evil Mage and his evil minions in search of Mana Stones. The game has a little bit of a Dungeons and Dragons feel with a touch of Zelda mixed in.

The initial launch of UberMage is being described as a soft-launch. The game is broken up into four worlds, with each world having a number of objectives to complete. The soft-launch has only twenty-one objectives with more in the works. The developer's goal is to have sixty five objectives across eight worlds by September. The ultimate goal is to have a total of one hundred sixty-one objectives to the game.

In tinkering with UberMage just for a short time, I found the game entertaining. I was a little concerned about the main character being three dots but it grows on you. The 3D graphics are great but the controls take a while to get used to. Luckily, the learning curve isn't so steep to take away from the game. UberMage is worth a try.

There are two versions available for UberMage over at the Marketplace. You've got the free, ad-supported version that you can find here and a $2.99 ad-free version that you can find here (both links open Zune).

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