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finance apps

You need a budget. No seriously, you really do. There’s no faster way to end up in the poor house than mismanaging your finances. Don’t worry though, you’re never too young or old to learn how to properly budget. There are a variety of books, services and guides to help you master your budget.

You Need a Budget (YNAB) is a personal budgeting platform that’s been very popular since its inception in 2004. There are official apps on iOS and Android, but none for Windows Phone. That’s fine since we now have Divvy for YNAB, a new third-party client for YNAB that looks and performs beautifully. Let’s check it out.

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The popular and well-rated stock portfolio management app for Windows Phone has received a major update and is now on version 3. We've previously praised the work by the developer, who managed to create a beautiful experience for those who are interested in checking out the markets, or who have a heavy inventory full of stock. So what's new in this latest release?

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