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Picnic Wars Review: Why can't food all just get along?

Chillingo, Electronic Arts’ indie publishing arm, has produced many fine Windows Phone games in the last year: Contre Jour, Little Acorns, and Feed Me Oil, to new just a few. Lately though, all of Chillingo’s releases have been Nokia Windows Phone exclusives – for better or worse. Their latest such Xbox release Picnic Wars comes from Crown Adam, a tiny Swiss developer and Philippines-based Anino Games. This interesting take on food fights starts out quite strong, but ends on a lemony sour note.

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Here's a short take on a Windows Phone game with a lengthy title. Lazy Town Airship Challenge (or Airship Challenge for short) is an arcade styled game for your Windows Phone that has you flying the friendly skies, shooting down fruit (referred to as sports candy in the game).

You have six cartoon characters to choose from ranging from Sportacus to Ziggy and three gaming levels. The higher the level, the faster the game's pace.  The game screen for Airship Challenge is the view from your airplane's cockpit. Your current score and the most recent piece of fruit blasted from the sky is in the upper left corner, your power level is to the upper right, and your game timer to the lower right.

You pilot the airplane with your Windows Phone's tilt sensors and fire your airplanes weapon by tapping the red button on the planes yoke/joy stick/handle bars.  Fruit will begin falling from the skies and you simply shoot as many as you can before time runs out.

There are a few dangers involved with Airship Challenge. Occasionally bombs will drop from the sky and if you hit one, you lose a little of your power. Hit enough to run out of power and the games over.

For the most part, Airship Challenge is a cute game for your Windows Phone that your kids will probably enjoy more than you will. The fire controls are in an awkward location and the cockpit view a little cluttered. The graphics are nice but with the help, mute and pause buttons on the game screen it feels a little cramped.  I would have rather seen the Windows Phone Back Button pause the game and pull up the help and settings menu.  Airship Challenge isn't necessarily a bad game it just lacks that intangible quality that pulls you into a game.  Maybe levels where you have to achieve a certain score?  

Again, Airship isn't a bad game it just might not appeal to everyone.  Lazy Town Airship Challenge is a free game for your Windows Phone and you can grab it here at the Windows Phone Marketplace.

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