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Daily Horoscope - Review

Tarot.com has put together a nice looking horoscope app for your Windows Phone. Daily Horoscope for Windows Phone 7 offers not only general horoscopes for a three day window but will also keep you up to date with moon phases.

Daily Horoscope does require registration (free) to pull up your horoscopes. Not sure why the need for registering exists but it gives you a chance to receive additional information about your horoscope via email. Unless you un-check that particular box.

Follow the break to read more on Daily Horoscope to see if it's an app for your future.

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Deluxe Moon - Review

Lifeware Solutions is offering Deluxe Moon over at the Marketplace for Windows Phone 7. Deluxe Moon is a somewhat unique application for your Windows Phone and may offer more information about the moon phases than you would ever need. It's a nice mix of science and horoscopes wrapped into one app.

Deluxe Moon offers you everything from what phase the moon will be in on any given day to zodiac and horoscope information. Need tips on gardening by the moon? Deluxe Moon's got it. Need to know when the moon will rise or set? Deluxe Moon's got it. Need to know if today's the day to start a new business venture? Deluxe Moon has it.

Need to more about Deluxe Moon? Drift on past the break and you'll get it.

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