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Getting phished online is one of the worst things that can happen. You unknowingly give up your personal information and login credentials to an unsavory party. It also recently happened in the Windows Phone Store to customers of Telfort, a telecommunication company in the Netherlands. The app has since been pulled, but serves as a reminder to think twice before downloading an app.

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We've seen the Nokia Lumia 920 make cameos in several venues but this commercial spot for KPN may be the largest gathering of the Windows Phones we've seen to date.

KPN is a mobile service provider in the Netherlands and chose the Lumia 920 to showcase their 4G network. If my count is correct and this isn't some fancy special effects trick, it took 875 Lumia 920's to shoot this twenty-five second spot.  I wonder what they did with the Windows Phones once the commercial was shot?

Source: Youtube; Thanks, Patrick, for the tip!

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We only recently covered Nokia's statement about sales of the Lumia and what the mission is for the manufacturer, and now we have some indications to back the positive statement published by the company. For starters, we can see in the above shot that Vodafone UK is selling the Lumia 800 (our review) in both black and cyan (pre-order) well enough for them to be sitting in 2nd and 3rd place behind the disappointing iPhone 4S. Not only that but take a look at the customer review rating for the iPhone 4S, and now look at the black Lumia 800.

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