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What to expect from Microsoft's hardware event in China this week

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This $500 laptop from Acer is a great alternative to the best Chromebook

Limited Fix

There's now a fix for 'WannaCry,' but it's fairly limited

long-term strategy

Microsoft WILL release a Surface 'phone' — but it could take a while

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Want to win a Surface Laptop? Here’s how to increase your chances.

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Microsoft's 'Surface Pro 5' leaks ahead of official announcement

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Microsoft is building a new Control Center for Quick Actions in Windows 10

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How to use DPI scaling in Windows 10 to fix blurry old apps

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Windows 10 S can succeed because 'normal' people aren't Windows geeks

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What's the best way to use the Surface Pen on the Surface Laptop?

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Microsoft purposefully aimed Surface Laptop at a very wide audience

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Microsoft must manage expectations of Windows 10 S to avoid PR nightmare

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What did Build tell you about the future of Windows 10 Mobile?

Wipe away the tears

What you need to know about the 'WannaCry' ransomware and Windows

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Pre-order: Surface Laptop

launch day

The Xbox One launch is going to be massive. Stores are struggling to keep up with pre-orders (I've personally had my own order put in "queue three" with my local GAME store), but fear not if you've yet to pre-order the console. UK supermarket chain, Tesco has some stock put to the side at its Extra stores that will go on a first come first serve basis.

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Microsoft, Nokia, AT&T and Verizon are planning for a big day on November 22

Last night, Microsoft evidently jumped the gun by listing the AT&T Nokia Lumia 1520 as available for pre-order on their website. Since we reported on that news, Redmond has pulled both the 1520 and its protective case from their online Store, suggesting that it was posted in error. Windows Phone Central stated that although November 15th was originally planned for the release, it had been pushed back one week to November 22nd.

Coincidentally, the Xbox One comes out that day too.

Now, Windows Phone Central has attained evidence that indeed, November 22nd will be “D-Day” for Microsoft and Nokia. While it has been known that Microsoft’s next generation console will come out on that Friday, we have now learned that AT&T and Verizon will both launch Nokia’s new Windows RT tablet, the Lumia 2520 on that day as well. Likewise, the Lumia 1520 will similarly launch on AT&T.

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The lineup of Xbox One launch game announcements began with a trickle during the May reveal event and didn’t start to really flow until Microsoft’s E3 press conference. Electronic Arts and other publishers chimed in, and soon gamers began to have a decent idea of what software to expect when Microsoft’s new console rolls around.

Still, for all those title announcements, you never really know exactly what games will launch alongside the system until the console’s release date draws near. The Xbox One’s nebulous November release date (Microsoft still hasn’t named the date yet) is still a few months away, but Microsoft has just revealed the lineup of games that will be available at retail and via download on launch day. With 23 titles to choose from, early adopters are in for a treat this holiday season.

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To celebrate the launch of the Surface RT tablets, Microsoft is giving away a twelve month Xbox Music Pass ($99 value) to the first 100 people in line at their local stores.

There is also the hint of additional Xbox prizes to be given away at the launch events.

Just follow this link to find a store near you and plan on arriving early. Curious is anyone will be camping out for the Surface RT.  If so, good luck!

Thanks, stmav, for the tip!

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Much like how technically the number of applications in the Marketplace doesn't really matter (though you can glean some info from it), how well Microsoft did or did not do on Monday,  in terms of raw sales, seems to be a moot a point in the long run. Unless of course you're looking to ask rhetorical questions for major publications. Such was the case yesterday where lots of headlines were phrased "Was the launch a bust?" "Did it underwhelm?" "Is it really a huge success?" etc.

Fact is, we don't know, they don't know and no one will know for awhile. This is understood by everyone. Citing anonymous sources who claim to know that "40,000" devices were sold was passed around as evidence, trumpeting headlines despite not knowing the authenticity of the claim. It's the equivalent of journalist trolling (the use of "?" is always a sure sign). Sure, there were very few lines if any. Sure it was a Monday (launches do better on Fridays) and we now know that stock was quite low (here and here), not even lasting the day at a lot of AT&T and T-Mobile stores (we heard reports of anywhere from 2 to 12 Samsung Focuses per retail outlet).

Did anyone really expect iPhone like masses to appear? No. The only thing to consider is that Microsoft is in this for the long run. This is day #1 of what will be a multi-year process. Two things to remember about Microsoft: they have lots of money and they are suborn when committed to entering a market. Lets revisit this six months from now where adoption rates will be better understood, where the OS has had a chance to build public awareness and real figures make their rounds, shall we? Yes, it's fun to speculate, but everyone in this business knows one day tells you very little e.g. the Palm Pre sold very well for Sprint its first day, fast forward one year and they're sold to HP.

But instead of going further, I could just refer you to Devindra Hardawar's piece at MobileBeat which does a much better job of making these points.

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Well, it's a few minutes after midnight and AT&T's site is now live with their Windows Phone 7 offerings.

Full pages for Samsung and HTC Surround are here and here. Good for you folks who can't make it to the store or just like it when people bring you things to your living room.

Both phones are of course $199.99, require at least a $15/month data plan and a 2 year contract. Don't forget about the AT&T Windows Phone entertainment pack, which includes the XBox Live puzzle-game "Ilomilo", a 30 Day Zune Pass, and a free month of AT&T U-Verse Mobile. The $29.95 valued freebie will be available to AT&T customers who purchase a Windows Phone between October 25, 2010 and December 31, 2010.

Update: Pre-order the LG Quantum right here; Use this Techbargains deal to save $75 on any WP7 phone (online only), thanks netdev, for the link!

Thanks, Sean L, for the info!

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The time upon has nearly come, as less than 18hrs from now the first Windows Phone 7 devices go on sale here in the U.S. After standing on the sidelines for the last few weeks, we finally get to renew our contracts, sign new ones as well as fork over some cash.

The question is obvious: what are your plans this Monday?

We bet the Samsung Focus is the #1 choice, followed by the HD7 and finally the Surround (see our review). Too bad the LG Quantum and Dell Venue Pro can't make it to the party (well, you can order it online at least). Nor let us forget about the Sprint 7 Pro.

Take the poll after the break and sound off in comments!

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