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london bus

Should you live in (or be simply visiting) London there are a number of useful Windows Phone apps out there to aid you while using public transport. We've covered London Travel before but here's London Travel Live, which has just been updated to version 3.1. London Travel Live goes further than similar apps on the Marketplace by sporting multiple Oyster card support, Barclays Cycle Hire stand statuses, and more.

A London Underground map is available within the app that clearly shows what zone stations are located in, as well as what lines connect to them. Live departure boards as well as live tiles are supported, with majority of information found in the app available offline (perfect for when actually traveling on the underground where signal is a myth). Some of the features present in London Travel Live (prior to the recent update):

  • Tube status live tile updated every 15 mins (not one hour like other apps).
  • Tube status toast notifications.
  • Oyster balance and season ticket details.
  • Live tube departure boards.
  • Tube Station facilities.
  • Tube map and line maps.
  • Most information available offline.

So what's new in version 3.1?

  • Oyster card live tile.
  • Integrated TFL Journey Planner (styling and functionality improvements).
  • Bus routes and bus stop information.
  • Pin your bus route or bus stop to the start.
  • Barclays Cycle Hire information.
  • Pin cycle stations to the start.
  • Live traffic map.
  • Pin the tube map to the start for quick access.
  • Find your nearest tube stations and bus stops.

If you're a frequent "Big Smoke" commuter, or even if you're just visiting for the day to Hamley's, you'll want to check this app out for the latest engineering works / status updates and for navigational aid. You can download London Travel Live from the Marketplace for £0.99.

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