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Official app released for Windows Phone

For those of you who know about, you'll be pleased to know they just published an official app for Windows Phone.  Machinima is basically a top-rated gamer site, that features news, reviews and general entertainment, including some humor--all nicely laid out and professionally done. The Windows Phone app, likewise, is also extremely well executed. From the app descritiption: is the premier online network providing entertainment for the gaming culture, showing game trailers, gameplay videos and tips, video game reviews, first looks, and original series created in video games. One of the most viewed YouTube channels in the world!

  • Watch your favorite Machinima shows
  • Sort through top videos of the day, week, month, and of all-time.
  • Watch the most popular videos on the Machinima Network including all your favorite gameplay videos.
  • Keep up with gaming news, reviews, behind the scenes and Machinima videos

From our quick run, the app has beautiful graphics, the videos play well and the layout is nice. Scrolling though is a bit laggy what with all of those graphics. But we always see this with v1.0 apps--build the foundation, optimize later, so we can't be too harsh, especially since for Machinima fans, this app is pretty golden. Grab the free app right here in the Marketplace.

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