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marco argenti

Whilst at MWC, Windows Phone Central had the chance to sit down with Marco Argenti, Senior Vice President of the Developer and Marketplace division at Nokia. We had just been checking out the new partner apps being shown off in Nokia’s sizeable booth and were keen to hear more about the relationships Nokia are continuing to build with developers both commercial and indie, especially following the news of Nokia’s new imaging and HERE API features.

You can find the full write up of that discussion after the break.

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It was announced this morning, almost in passing, that Nokia would begin a program to put 25,000 Nokia Windows Phone in the hands of eager developers. The announcement came during a developer session this morning called "When bigger is better" and was revealed by Marco Argenti (pictured above), Senior Vice President, Developer Experience & Marketplace at Nokia.

We caught up with Argenti a little later to confirm the number and it's 100% accurate. In fact, he revealed that today at Nokia World there would be a developer after-party today where some folks from Nokia will be going around and giving away some Lumia phones. Details for how the rest of 24K+ phones will be given out has not yet been detailed.

Pretty exciting stuff and a huge initiative by Nokia to get developers from Symbian to take a serious look at Windows Phone.

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