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Medieval Math Battle is an educational game for Windows Phone 8 that combines a fantasy adventure with basic math skills. You travel a Medieval world battling giant spiders, dragons, goblins and other mystical creatures.

All the while learning addition, subtraction, multiplication and division.

Medieval Math Battle may not appeal to everyone but I've got to admit it's a fun way to learn the basics of math with. It's definitely a game worthy of our Windows Phone Kids Corner.

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KooZac Review: Add it up in this unique puzzle game.

Xbox Windows Phone has absolutely no shortage of puzzle games and physics puzzlers. These types of games are easy to create and easy to port, plus they work well in short play sessions on the go. I don’t blame avid mobile gamers for tiring of puzzlers as a whole, as our platform certainly needs a wider variety of games. Still, puzzle games inarguably have their place on smartphones, so we can’t expect them to stop coming along.

Of course KooZac is a puzzle game, but it’s noteworthy for several reasons. First, it comes Square Enix, the prolific Japanese developer responsible or Final Fantasy and many other mobile RPGs. Square-Enix’s continued support can only be good for Windows Phone. Two: KooZac might look like a standard falling block puzzle game, but it actually plays unlike its brethren thanks to the inclusion of my most bitter enemy: math. Also, Facebook integration!

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Gestulator swipes its way to Windows Phone 8

Gestulator is a gesture based calculator app for your Windows Phone. We took a look at the app some time ago and found it to be an interesting, handy calculator app.

Gestulator was recently updated to provide Windows Phone 8 support that also addresses a few stability issues. The Windows Phone 8 support allows the app to be compatible with all screen sizes and overall, the app seems to have a little more zip.  If you're looking for a basic calculator with a speedy interface, Gestulator is worth trying.

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The popular Windows Phone calculator app, Calculator Toolbox, has been updated to version 2.0 and brings Windows Phone 8 support to the table. The version was submitted to the Windows Phone Store for certification the other day and should start to push out in the next few days.

For those not familiar with Calculator Toolbox, it is a one stop source for your calculating needs. The app offers thirty-five different calculators that span six different categories. You have the traditional styled calculator, a calculator to determine discounts, one to determine Adult BMI (Body Mass Index, six different mortgage calculators, three different financial calculators and many more.

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Windows Phone App Review: Gestulator

Gestulator is a calculator app for your Windows Phone that does away with the operations buttons and relies on swipe gestures instead. Gestulator is limited to the primary arithmetic operations (addition, subtraction, division and multiplication) but if you need to do some quick calculations, I can see it coming in handy.

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Windows Phone Review: Calculator Toolbox

Calculator Toolbox is... well... a calculator app for your Windows Phone. And to call it a calculator app is a mild understatement.  

Beyond doing your basic arithmetic Calculator Toolbox throws in six categories that hold thirty four calculators. There are two versions of Calculator Toolbox for you to choose from. A freebie version that has ads and an ad free version that is running $.99. If you need more than your basic calculator, Calculator Toolbox is worth checking out.

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Windows Phone Game Review: Solvr

Looking for a painfully challenging game for your Windows Phone? Give Solvr a try.

Solvr is a math game where you are given a group of numbers and a target value. You have to match the target value by adding, subtracting, multiplying or dividing the provided numbers. It sounds easy until you get started solving the puzzle.

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NumberTap - give your brain a workout

Everyone loves mathematics. Everyone loves to be better than everyone else at mathematics, so here's NumberTap, the answer to this desire in your pocket. Object of the game? To answer numerical questions inside a time-limit, building up your score and moving up in the highscore leaderboard.

This title is courtesy of Luke Lowrey (the magic behind Phonealytics) and TBODA. It's a free, ad-supported, game that proves to be both highly addictive and entertaining. Fatures sported include:

  • Fast paced maths action
  • 2-minute rounds identical across the world in real-time
  • Global leaderboards and stats tracking
  • Cool metro theme that matches your settings

If you're familiar with Phonealytics from Luke, then you'll notice immediately the incredible Metro UI look that's used throughout the game (which isn't by any means big in size or depth). The simplicity is refreshing and you'll be coming back for more with the longevity and competitiveness being tops.

You can download NumberTap (Zune link) from the Marketplace for nothing at all.

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Brain App - Review

Brain games are a great way to pass the time with on your Windows Phone. They can be entertaining, educational and good exercise for your noggin'. Brain App is a four challenge brain game from Chris Meyer that is challenging enough to keep you interested but not too difficult to get you frustrated.

The Windows Phone game includes math, sequencing, and identification challenges that have both easy and advanced levels. If you like brain stimulating games, slide on past the break to see how Brain App measures up.

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