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Chuck Norris Facts is one of about thirty six some odd Windows Phone apps related to the famed action hero. Chuck Norris Facts stands out because it includes some humorous wallpapers and  has landed on the Windows Phone Store's New and Rising list.

The Chuck Norris Facts app contains over three thousand facts about Mr. Norris and dozens of wallpapers. Wallpapers that can be pulled up at random or you can choose your favorite to remain in the background. Wallpapers can also be saved to your Windows Phone for use as lockscreen wallpapers. Just go to the settings, find your favorite background image, tap/hold on it and choose Save Image.

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We get a lot of tips here at WPCentral, some amazing, some lame and some that confuse us as we actually don't know every silly app ever made (which is why we pay attention to you guys). So tonight when we got an email from a reader named Amiel stating "Talking Tom Cat finally made it to WP7" we were a little perplexed.

Fact is, we still are but yes, Talking Tom Cat is now on Windows Phone. What is Talking Tom Cat? It's one of those silly novelty apps that features a cartoon cat that you can pet, poke, prod and harass. Oh and he repeats everything you say back to him. In a funny voice.

With 150,000 ratings in the iTunes store and nearly 400,000 ratings on Android (seriously?) there is something about Tom that people just love. Or maybe it's the kids.

Either way, the app is now available on the Windows Phone Marketplace for the low, low price of $0. It's not our thing but hey, we're not here to judge so if you want it, you can pick it up here. Combined with the official Cleverbot app we guess Windows Phone is winning? Thanks, Amiel, for the tip!

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CleverBot Chat app hits the Marketplace

Bored with nobody to text? Take a look at CleverBot Chat.

CleverBot Chat is a novelty chat app that allows you to chat with the online Cleverbot AI (but was not developed by Cleverbot).  Conversations can be about anything you want but beware the conversation may take on a life of its own.

Interface is your typical SMS messaging screen with text boxes for your's and CleverBot's messages. In just tinkering with CleverBot Chat, I've had conversations about religion, football, what's the best smartphone (CleverBot says the iPhone) and what I should cook for dinner (chicken). Every now and then CleverBot would get a little grumpy, insulting or change the topic completely.

Once you exit the app, the conversation is deleted. For the most part, CleverBot Chat ran smoothly but I did receive a few "Failure to Send" errors on messages.  Nothing to pull your hair out over but noticeable.

If you're looking for an interesting novelty app, CleverBot Chat is worth a try.  CleverBot Chat is a free, ad-supported app the you can download here at the Windows Phone Marketplace.  

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Windows Phone's Facebook page has a new gadget. The "You are what you app" gadget allows you to pin your friends to a virtual Windows Phone and app tiles to complete phrases.

You have fifteen templates that range from "Did you hear (insert Friend) won't (insert app) or (insert app) unless no one is looking?" to "If I was younger, I'd (insert app) more, (insert app) less, and (insert app) about as much as I do now."  There is also a free-form template where you add the text to the story board tiles.

You have access to ten categories of apps and access to your Facebook Friends to complete the story. You can even click on the pre-set tiles to modify the text. Once you're done, you can share your creation with all your Facebook buddies.

Only downside to this gadget is the WPCentral app isn't on the list of tiles you can use. You can find the "You are what you app" feature here at the Windows Phone Facebook page.

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Stormy7 - App Spotlight

Looking for a nifty novelty app for your Windows Phone? Billed as the most natural storm experience on your phone, Stormy 7 might do just the trick.

Stormy 7 creates a mist on your Windows Phone, similar to the condensation that forms on windows during a rainy day or the bathroom window when you take a hot shower. With Stormy 7 you swipe at the screen with your fingertip to doodle or just wipe away the condensation.

The background image can be the stock backyard scene, an image from your Windows Phone gallery or one captured with your Windows Phone camera. The effects are really nice from the sound to the water droplets falling in relation to your Windows Phone orientation. Sound effects range from the squeaking sound your finger makes as it slides across the screen to the sound of distant thunder.

Settings cover which background image you want to use as well as microphone sensitivity. Microphone sensitivity you say? Yep. If you blow into your Windows Phone microphone, the screen will fog up again.

Stormy 7 is an interesting novelty app for your Windows Phone but one downside is that there is no trial version. The full version will run you $.99 and you can find it here (opens Zune) at the Marketplace.

Update: There is now an ad-supported, free version of Stormy 7 available for a limited time.  You can find it here at the Marketplace.

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Death Timerz - Review

One of the more unique Windows Phone 7 applications has to be Death Timerz by Licantrop0. The application will tell you how old you are down to the seconds as well as calculate when you are expected to pass.

While the application sounds a little creepy (okay maybe a lot creepy) it predicts your lifespan based on a multi-question survey.

Ease on past the break to see how longer I have and what this unique application has to offer.

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Decision Maker - Review

Crimson Team is offering Decision Maker over at the Windows Phone Marketplace that may help you get past those hard decisions.

It's a simple process. Think of your question, tap the "Make Decision" bar, and Decision Maker will offer a yes or no response after consulting with aliens, Santa, Granny and many more reliable sources.

Decision Maker is a simple, stable novelty app for your Windows Phone. The $.99 price is just about right for a novelty app and there is a trial version available if you need a little help in deciding to purchase or not.

You can find Decision Maker here (opens your Zune desktop) and if you follow the break, you can catch a video of Decision Maker in action.

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I am a Tenor - Review

Software developer Gaia srl is offering an interesting, dare I say unusual, application for Windows Phone 7. "I am a Tenor" is being offered over at the Marketplace for $1.99 and it seems to be a blend of karaoke and voice manipulation.

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