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novelty apps

Not exactly sure when or how but at some point in time the Harlem Shake experience went viral. The phenomena has invaded Nokia Music and it has now come to your Windows Phone in the form of the Harlem Shake app.

If Wikipedia is right, we can blame a group of five Australian teenagers for this craze. Some of the renditions of the Harlem Shake are interesting, some humorous, some leave you wondering "what were they thinking?".

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Windows Phone App Review: Dad's Taxi

For those with children, ever feel as though you drive a taxi? Dad's Taxi is a novelty app for your Windows Phone that might help you have a little fun with your kids. 

Dad's Taxi uses your Windows Phone location services to track distances traveled and then converts it into metered rates. Very similar to a taxi cab's meter. You can use the app to charge your kids a fortune the next time you have to cart them to the mall, the theatre or where ever duty calls.

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Windows Phone App Review: KITT

Fan of the 1980's television show Knight Rider? How about the short-lived re-make of the show in 2008? For those not familiar, Knight Rider was a television action/adventure show about a high-tech, crime fighting car that was controlled by a computer named KITT.  Now KITT has invaded your Windows Phone.

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Nyan Cat strays into the Marketplace

Nyan Cat has invaded Windows Phone with not only one app but two apps over at the Marketplace.

There is no telling how the cat got stuck in a pop-tart or how it found its way into outer space or why a rainbow is emanating from the cat's backside. Before today, I had never heard of Nyan Cat.  Never realized there were websites devoted to this critter either. In some way, Phil over at Android Central is to blame for this enlightenment.

The video should say it all.  Nyan! seems to run a little smoother and both play that catchy jingle.  If you're a fan of Nyan Cat you can find Sugata's Nyan Cat here and Zozo's Nyan! here (both links open Zune) at the Marketplace. Luckily, both apps are free and you download at your own risk.

Oh and for an additional "once in a lifetime" experience or if you just can't get enough of Nyan Cat, point your web browser to

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