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When Windows Phone 7 rolled out in 2010, it had one feature that was met with some mixed feelings: over-the-air download limits for apps and games tied to your cellular connection. In short, Microsoft imposed a 20MB cap when you were on cellular to help limit data usage for people on the go.

What some don’t realize is this limit was lifted recently by Microsoft (we don’t have an exact date). Now users of Windows Phone 7 and Windows Phone 8 can download files up to 50MB, matching the iPhone.

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We’ve known for quite some time that despite what a lot of the doom-and-gloomers out the have said, Windows Phone 7 is far from dead. Between Windows Phone 7.8 coming out and Nokia who keeps churning out all sorts of neat additions to the OS, people with 7.x phones still have reason to be satisfied.

A new leaked slide from a 25-page Nokia PowerPoint deck may make things even better, if we’re not reading too much into it. (This will be the second Nokia PowerPoint presentation to have leaked in recent days.) The slide, attained by WPArea.de, shows a timeline with Windows Phone 7.x being overlapped by Windows Phone 8. There we see the familiar Mango --> Tango --> Windows Phone 7.8 progression but there is another box after 7.8 that simply states “Windows Phone 7.x”...

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Everyone's favorite smartphone fiend and CrackBerry.com contributor Bla1ze has found a juicy little nugget that points to BlackBerry getting over-the-air OS upgrades from AT&T. And that makes us wonder:

Where the heck are ours?!?!?

Flash back to last September, when Dieter got his hands on the silver Motorola Q9h. We first thought it was merely a new paint scheme, but it turns out the silver Q would be the first to support Firmware Over the Air updates, with the actual push coming from AT&T. But, as we all know, support is far from actual implementation, and we've never actually seen a FOTA update released. (And we can't write this post without mentioning that the Windows Update feature on WinMo phones still does nothing but take up space and fool the noobs.)

What's good for an operating system ultimately is good for a carrier. You wanna see Windows Mobile get a real leg up on everyone else when Windows Mobile 7 is eventually released? Make this happen. And then use it. (Please!)

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