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package tracker

Gameloft’s UNO & Friends launched earlier this month. Since then, two weeks have gone by with no new Xbox Windows Phone release (unless we count Chaos Rings, which we’ll get to in another article). Once again, the Xbox Red Stripe Deal is left to pick up the slack.

This week’s sale game can’t even begin to match the quality of last week’s Rayman Jungle Run sale, but it should still please Achievement hungry bargain shoppers. Collapse! from Game House is on sale for 99 cents. It went on sale back in February 2012, but at the higher $1.99 price point.

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Our favorite app for keeping tabs on our UPS, FedEx and USPS deliveries has received a much wanted feature in its latest update: lockscreen notifications.

That’s right, Package Tracker is up to version 5.1, which we previewed a few weeks ago and it now has the ability to show you when new update notifications are present including detailed information right on your Windows Phone 8 lockscreen. Likewise, you can view the information on the doublewide Tile, should you opt for a more indirect approach.

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Are you an Amazon Prime member? If so and you’re like us, the UPS delivery person was invited to your Thanksgiving dinner because you see him so much. That also means you want to track your shipments in real-time as much as possible (especially with those high-value items).

Package Tracker (formerly known as Parcel Tracker) was recently pulled from the Windows Phone Store due to “not enough interest” from consumers. But after much haranguing from loyal customers, they returned and even released a Windows 8 app that promised future syncing capability—well that day has arrived.

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Good news for those who enjoyed the functionality of Parcel Tracker on Windows Phone. The developer has decided to support the app on the Store once again. This is after announcing their departure from the platform earlier last month. We've previously reviewed Parcel Tracker, as well as providing the developer with coverage for each major update applied, so it's good to see the well received app back on the Store. But that's not all that has arrived.

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Parcel Tracker goes Mango with pinnable tracking

Ti's the season to be shopping and for a lot of us, shopping online is the preferred method for our consumer indulgence. That involves shipping and package tracking and what better way to keep abreast of all of that than your phone? Parcel Tracker (see review) has been around for quite some time and is considered to be the best package tracker out there. Now with version 4.0, the app has gone Mango and boy is kewl.

Besides the fact that it loads and scrolls more quickly now and you get fast-app switching, you can now also pin your individual packages right to your Start screen for 1-click access to that package's whereabouts. And it's sharp looking too with the shipper's corporate icon on one side, the package details on the other. We like. A lot.

That's on top of the existing live tile, which shows number of update notifications and push-toast notifications when the package details have been updated. Throw in a barcode scanner and what's not to love about this app?

Parcel Tracker goes for $1.49 in the Marketplace with a free trial and gets our seal of approval.

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A few months ago we reviewed Parcel Tracker for Windows Phone as a solid app for seeing where your shipments are in relation to you. A new app though is in the Marketplace called 'Package Tracker' and the UI is actually a little slicker and more refined. Only downside we found is those outside of the U.S. won't get as much use as it only has four couriers on board: FedEx, USPS, UPS and DHL.

One other great feature we forgot to mention in the video is "Carrier's Contact Info" screen, giving you quick access to their phone numbers and 1-click dialing--very smooth. Overall, we really like this app and recommend it for those needing to track their stuff. The app fetches for $0.99 and there is a free trial which is limited to tracking up to three packages at one-time, making it a basically a free app for those who don't track many parcels.  Grab it here in the Marketplace.

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