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paper boy

If you’re a news junky or just enjoy having a solid app around, then you should really take a look at Paper Boy. The app comes from developer Lawrence Gripper who previously made BBC News Mobile. That app was our go-to news source until the BBC pulled some legal machinations to have it removed. But the soul of BBC News Mobile is back in Paper Boy.

We first informed you of Paper Boy back in July when the app was announced as a public beta. Today, it received a substantial update, including a new color scheme, drag down to refresh, and multiple performance enhancements to improve the user experience.

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BBC News Mobile for Windows Phone has been bumped to version 4.1, which we believe to be a minor update to alert consumers that the app will be shutting down soon due to the entanglement with the BBC. Developer Lawrence Gripper has published a public beta for a new app to take BBC News Mobile's place, called Paper Boy. When launching BBC News Mobile after updating, a warning screen (pictured above) is displayed, linking to the Paper Boy beta.

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BBC News Mobile was one of your (and ours) favorite apps. Unfortunately, it was a third party development effort and was put to pasture from BBC pressure. The app had been a labor of love from developer Lawrence Gripper, our friend across the pond in the UK. Thankfully, the years of work he put into the BBC News Mobile app isn’t going to just sit around unused. He’s taken pieces of the code base to build a generic news reader called Paper Boy. You should join in on the public beta happening right now. You know where to find the link.

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Paper Dash being delivered to your Windows Phone

Not sure how many paper routes are still being done by bicycle but Paper Dash is bringing the bicycle paper route to your Windows Phone. Reminiscent of the arcade game Paper Boy, Paper Dash places you in the role of the paper delivery person (boy/girl character customization available).

You run your routes collecting soda cans for extra cash, avoid obstacles such as traffic cones and neighborhood dogs, all while tossing newspapers into mailboxes. The game is set up with thirty levels each with performance goals.

Game controls have you steering the bicycle with the Windows Phone accelerometer and papers being thrown by tap/drag motions. Controls may be the weakest/most challenging part of the game in that you don't have much room for maneuverability and I often hit the back button while aiming my throws. I don't know if it would have been better to have a simple tap control the paper throws.

As you earn money by delivering papers and collecting cans, you can spend your earnings at the local store (accessible through the Main Menu) on bonus items. Prices are a little steep ($20 for a bicycle basket?) but it doesn't take long to rake in the dough.

All in all, Paper Dash is a nice game for your Windows Phone well worth a try.  Paper Dash is an free, ad-supported game and you can download it here (opens Zune) at the Marketplace.

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