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As the weather slowly begins to warm up, more time will begin to be spent outdoors. Should you have trouble identifying Poison Ivy from Scotch Cap, the Windows Phone 8 app Plant Guide might come in handy.

Plant Guide is a pocket reference guide that provides information on thousands of species of wild plants. The app also has support for HERE Maps should you get lost on your hikes or need to mark a spot on the map for reference. While it may not tickle everyone’s fancy, Plant Guide makes a nice first impression and if you need help identify plants it is worth a try.

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Plants vs. Zombies: Xbox Windows Phone Review

As a critic, it’s rare that I can unequivocally say that a game is the very best game in its genre. So many titles do different things well, and they usually have their minuses too. It’s even more uncommon for a game to transcend its own genre and become something that appeals to pretty much everybody. That’s why Plants vs. Zombies is such an amazing game. Not only is it hands-down the best tower defense game on Windows Phone, it also tweaks tower defense conventions and brings so much content that even tower defense naysayers will find a lot to enjoy.

What exactly is tower defense? It’s a type of real-time strategy game. Players build stationary towers which shoot at enemies as they try to reach the player’s base. To put that in Plants vs. Zombies terms, zombies attack the gamer’s yard, striving to get inside the house and eat the tasty brains inside. Weaponized plants with faces and personalities take the place of mechanical towers. In case it wasn’t immediately obvious, this game is loaded with charm and humor.

Watch out for potato mines as you head past the break for our full review.

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