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We previously covered the Windows Phone team preparing to launch a new advertising campaign for developers on the platform, titled "Your App Here". The team has partnered with Nokia to bring a more effective offer. Developers can submit their apps and should they be selected the apps will be showcased in Windows Phone and Nokia advertisement campaigns. These include banner ads, placement in Windows Phone Marketplace, public relations press outreach events, social activities, and more.

There were three listed campaigns (up until February), but the submission dates have since past. Fear not as more dates have been published on the website (campaign:submission close date):

  • March Campaign: January 31
  • April Campaign: February 29
  • May Campaign: March 31
  • June Campaign: April 30

Head on over to the advertising campaign website to enter your apps for approval (U.S. AppHub accounts/apps only; You just need an AppHub account and an app for the US market). Selections are based on the following criteria:

  • Newly published Windows 7.5 apps developed for the US Market
  • Originality & Innovation
  • Consumer Friendliness
  • Implementation of Key Windows Phone Features such as Live Tiles, Fast Apps Switching or App Connect

Source: YourAppHere, thanks TheWeeBear for the heads up!

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The official date for the Lumia 800 release in South Africa was set for the 7th of February, but Simon Dingle has just tweeted out the image above.

If you struggle to read white on red, then here's the breakdown: The Nokia Lumia 800 will see it's first promotion on the 26'th January starting at 8AM. The first 200 people to purchase will get a free XBOX (presumably a 360). Seems like a pretty good deal, although obviously there is no pricing mentioned.

So what is the significance of the 26'th? That's the morning after the Nokia Lumia 800 launch event held at the Vodacom Dome, which is tomorrow.

Stay frosty, and lookout for our report from the launch tomorrow!

Source: Simon Dingle

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This is really something. Following what we've witnessed in the UK, Sweden is witnessing some Nokia Lumia redecorating on the subway, in newspapers and on advertisement screens. Attention all Swedes - incoming "The Amazing Everyday" campaign to accompany today's launch of the Lumia 800 in that country.

We've also learned that the Lumia 800 can be had for SEK 194,50/USD 29 (for six months and 239 for the remaining 18 on a 24 months subscription plan) on Tele 2. You can pick that up here.

Check out the video after the break for a quick capture of a Lumia advertisement. 

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This is pretty humorous. Should you be on Facebook and wish to shout out at contacts about Windows Phone in chat, you can now have a small image of a Nokia Lumia 800 show up, thanks to Rudy Huyn, with the following code (see the above example):

[[308362632536465]] [[308362662536462]] [[308362682536460]] [[308362712536457]]
[[308362735869788]] [[308362759203119]] [[308362779203117]] [[308362795869782]]
[[308362809203114]] [[308362825869779]] [[308362872536441]] [[308362905869771]]
[[308362942536434]] [[308362972536431]] [[308363009203094]] [[308363022536426]]
[[308363042536424]] [[308363069203088]] [[308363115869750]] [[308363135869748]]
[[308363155869746]] [[308363189203076]] [[308363215869740]] [[308363239203071]]
[[308363282536400]] [[308363309203064]] [[308363342536394]] [[308363375869724]]
[[308363405869721]] [[308363419203053]] [[308363435869718]] [[308363469203048]]

Pretty neat, eh? Some free promotion for the platform.

Source: Rudy Huyn

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Free Nokias for Australian Developers!

If you needed any more convincing that Microsoft is serious about pushing development on their mobile platform, then here's the next episode in our series on Microsoft-giving-stuff-to-devs-for-work-they-would-have-done-anyway. And before you ask, yeah, that title is a work in progress.

Previously we saw promotions for UK developers to get free gadgets, and giveaways for Canadian developers, now all you Australian dev's can get in on the action.
The requirements are pretty much in-line with the other promo's where all you need to do is publish a certain number of apps to the Windows Phone Marketplace by a certain date, and then receive either a Lumia 710, or a Lumia 800 depending on how many you can get out by then.

  1. Qualifying apps must be published between Jan 1st 2012 and 12 midnight EST Mar 30th, 2012.
  2. Publish 3 new apps for a Nokia Lumia 710 or 4 new apps for a Nokia Lumia 800
  3. The sooner you publish your new apps the sooner you’ll receive your Nokia Phone (subject to availability).
  4. Apps must be new and published to the public marketplace and excludes updates to existing apps.
  5. This offer is only open to Australian based developers who submit apps to an Australian registered Windows Phone Marketplace account.
  6. For budgeting purposes, this offer is limited to the first 50 developers who publish 3 or more apps and is limited to 1 phone per developer.
  7. There are a number of promotions in progress with Nokia in Australia; the apps submitted for this challenge must differ from those submitted elsewhere. ie no double counting.

If you are an Android or iPhone (or any other platform for that matter) developer, I'm guessing promotions like this may help tip your decision in our favor. If not, maybe Indie success will.

Either way, the time is now!

Source: WPDownUnder

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Paul Thurrott has stamped his mark on some information regarding the upcoming expenditure the software giant is set to embark on in the Sates. The details allegedly come from internal Microsoft documentation. Windows Phone has been failing when it comes to retailers and carrier stores, not just in the U.S., but on a global scale and it's a huge mountain to climb to get to a level playing field with competitor platforms. We covered the report today, which BetaNews published, that pointed to the Nokia Ace receiving "hero" status on AT&T. Not only that, but $100 million was said to be going into the marketing kitty.

Thurrott has now "corrected" information published by BetaNews, announcing that Microsoft and co. will be looking to unleash not $100 million, but $200 million marketing and promoting the platform. We're already aware that the plan for all companies involved with Windows Phone are looking to spend large sums of money, especially Nokia with CEO Elop commenting that they're "game". HTC, Samsung (among other OEMs) will also be set to increase budgeting for advertising, much like what we've witnessed across Europe with newspaper adverts and more.

Thurrott also moves on to state that retail sales staff are set to receive incentives (as part of the massive budget) for moving handsets from the shelves and into consumer hands.

"The amount of payments are $10 to $15 per handset sold, depending on the number sold, for some handset models."

This all makes sense and is pretty much what we're all expecting the companies to roll on. But remember though; Mr Thurrott is the gentleman that stated we wouldn't be getting Mango until 2012, so take this information as you see fit.

Source: WindowsITPro

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Following episode 5 of Nokia's "Little Amazing Show" advertising campaign, we now have episode 6 hitting the public. This episode takes us to India, and shows us the flash mobs and Nokia stalls set up at shopping centres in four different cities. We keep to the campaign message to the letter with examples on how everyone can improve their day. 

Check out the previous videos below if you haven't already done so:

Source: YouTube

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Did you get a shiny lump of coal for Christmas? Not planning on keeping it until the world's reserves run low? Don't worry, Microsoft has your back! The good people over at Microsoft Canada have just started a promotion entitled "The Developer Movement" where they are handing out cool toys to dev's just for publishing high-quality apps to the Windows Phone Marketplace up until May 20'th 2012.

So what do you get? It's based on how many apps you publish within that time, and here are the rewards:

       Select a reward below:

  • A Kinect™ Sensor for Xbox 360®
  • 10,000 Microsoft Points
  • Monster® Beats™ Headphones
  • A 1TB External HD

      Select a reward below:

  •     A Windows® Phone 7
  •     A $500 Gift Voucher
  •     35,000 Microsoft Points
  •     An Xbox 360® with Kinect Bundle

      Your apps will be considered by our judges for publicity across:

  •     The Xbox Newsletter
  •     The Xbox Live Dashboard
  •     MSDN Website
  •     MSDN Flash Newsletter
  •     Canadian Developer Blog

The website also mentions that the first 200 people that register (for the Developer Movement) may get their AppHub account for free. So if you're a Canadian developer then what are you waiting for? It really is a win-win offer.

Cool, eh?

Source: The Developer Movement; Thanks, @archiecoder, for the tip!

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We're trying to wrap our heads around this one but aren't getting very far--so maybe our German friends can assist. Microsoft Germany put up a trailer video that you see above for "Windows Phone 7.5 Hotel" which was an event that took place in Berlin on December 15th.

The trailer is mostly CGI and has haunted-house like implications, what with that eerie lightning and all. There also seems to be a map and trying to find something, we're guessing. Next up is another video, evidently form the actual event from folks who traveled to the haunted hotel.

The good part in the video starts at around 2:25 where we start to get an idea of what this looks to be: a type of mass entertainment event where they have actors role-play specific parts and you, the bystander, become a participant in the charade--much like a murder-mystery cruise. This time there's something about the undead, people dressed in hazmat suits, reporters, etc. You can never go wrong with zombies, right?

Yeah, we're pretty baffled too but also intrigued as once again, we're seeing some real creative advertising here. Too bad we're just hearing of it now but hopefully we'll learn a bit more soon enough. Oh and that video is one of three, so maybe the other two parts will shed some light on the matter.

Update: Yup, confirmed with us what we suspected: "That windows phone hotel was a PR event where you had to chase ghosts (ghostbusters-style) with an app on a Lumia." Pretty cool idea.

Big thanks to Heiko R., for the tip!

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Nokia has posted episode 5 of the 'Little Amazing Show', which is shot in Paris and focuses on happiness. A pretty neat stunt was on Parisian street, where bubbles flooded the area and excited the public with contagious smiles. The video is perfect media for a rainy day, or to simply lighten the mood. Nokia really is going all out with marketing and advertising, and these video montages compliment their efforts.

Be sure to check out the previous episodes if you haven't already:

Source: YouTube (Nokia)

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We previously touched on YuleTile, an app to get everyone into the Christmas spirit. According to the developer, Mendzapp, 10% of the revenue earned from sales of YuleTile will be donated to charity (Railway Children). But if the app and charity donations weren't enough to put you in a good mood, how about a Windows Phone Christmas card design? That's right, now you can send Metro UI festive cards to family and friends.

If you're not aware of YuleTile, it's a Christmas advent calendar app that features wallpapers, ringtones and an ingenious use of the live tiles. Each day the live tile updates to show the appropriate advent window. From here the app can be entered, window opened and one of the twenty-five hand-painted images revealed. This image is now featured on your home-screen until tomorrow’s window is ready to be opened. Really neat for all those Scrooges.

Head on over to MyKindofPhone's Posterous page below to download the design. You can download YuleTile from the Marketplace for 79p ($0.99), remember that 10% goes to a good cause.

Source: Windows Phone UK

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Nokia Germany wraps the Lumia 800 in ice

Either the folks at Nokia Germany have lost the plot, or they've come up with an ingenious promotional stunt. They've put Lumia 800s in ice. Yes, ice. In the above video, you'll witness the frenzied public attempting to bash, melt and shatter the ice to release the handsets (which are hopefully just props). Should they free the Lumia 800, the winners are presented with one to take away with them for free. Really cool advertising there (pun intended).

Source: YouTube (Nokia), via: My Nokia Blog

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Ah, Nokia. If there's one thing you have to love about them is their advertising and promotion--they know how to do it, as we're reminded time and time again. Now, they're headed to Italy putting up a giant (and we mean giant) banner in Milano Centrale railway station. With 24 tracks and 320,00 daily passengers, we're sure Nokia will catch a lot of eyeballs and interest in their phone.

Interestingly, this is the second time Nokia has done this--that last being for the N97. Hey, stick with what you know, right?

Source: ZOMGItsCJ

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Looks like Microsoft in conjunction with Fujitsu and their IS12T have launched a nice little media campaign in Japan. Focusing on two train stations, Shinjuku and Akihabara, with the former being the busiest in the world with 3.5 million travelers a day, they have managed to create a hands-on booth as well as plastering the walls with that familiar red logo. At the booth, you can play with the IS12T in addition to the Kinect, giving the daily commuter a bit of respite in between travels.

Certainly a good sign to see Microsoft stepping up their visibility on that country. See more photos at Nanapho.

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AT&T is in a tight pickle around this site: they're at once awesome, for having the Focus S, Titan and Flash in addition to being the largest carrier in the US. That's good for Windows Phone. On the other hand, they tend be a bit sloppy sometimes and at their support for Microsoft has been bit under whelming (but we're a bit biased here too).

Some of that may be changing. We've seen some effective commercials, they do have plans for Nokia and though their stores are a bit haphazard, at least we now see some in-store promotion going on. From this pic from reader Jeff B., we can see AT&T pushing the $25-app card that Microsoft is sponsoring for new phone purchases.

Game changer? No. But we think AT&T is trying here so we'll give a tiny golf clap. Let us know if you see anything similar in your local AT&T store. Now give us an epic Titan commercial and we'll be happy ;-)

Thanks, Jeff, for the report!

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10 meter Windows Phone erected in Paris

We previously touched on Paris being the next location where a giant Windows Phone is to be constructed, just like the event in New York last month. Today, we've got an idea of what the setup looks like. In the photo above we can clearly see the erected display (behind a tree) with what appear to be demo stands situated just in front. Luckily this is in France, since here in the UK the health and safety baboons would not like the event being that close to a main road.

The massive structure (as well as everything else that's planned) will be unveiled this evening, and will run on for 10 days in Champs Elysées. Professeur Thibault speculates that the Nokia Lumia 800, HTC Radar and Acer Allegro will be on display.

Source: Professeur Thibault

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Telerik, the company behind the RadControls developer tools and the Windows Phone Task app, have just published a whitepaper that will aid any developer who has recently submitted their Windows Phone app to the Marketplace. The free document runs through how to effectively present your application with a well designed landing page, upload YouTube videos (with some SEO tips), monitor the analytics, as well as covering some in-app tricks.

The 13 page whitepaper will help provide developers (who have no marketing experience) the knowledge to kick off promotion campaigns on the web that will drive in traffic, while optimising the app to reach full potential. Head on over to Telerik (source below) to check out the free resource.

Source: Telerik

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This is certainly an odd observation, but yes it appears Optus, an Australian carrier, has got their Samsung Omnia 7 packing Symbian according to promotional material (see above). Obviously this is a simple error when creating the sheet, but it's amusing to see the Metro UI being displayed with Microsoft Office and Xbox functionality, powered by Symbian. We bet the folks at Optus are having some giggles behind the scenes.

Source: WinPhoneXAP, thanks Gaille for the heads up!

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Nokia UK just posted this amazing teaser video featuring music by Deadmau5 which promises an epic 4D promotion in (on?) Millbank Tower in London on November 28th.

The video just shows behind the scenes as engineers and lighting specialists being the preparations for what looks like an epic, end-all-be-all for Nokia's Windows Phone push in the UK. Seriously, between what just happened in New York City last week and what this video is promising, we're pretty excited. Looking to transform the building's "800 windows" into a "groundbreaking 4D audio and visual experience" in no small task.

This should certainly gain some publicity for Windows Phone and Nokia!

Thanks, Keith H., for the heads up!

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Who say's Microsoft isn't being creative or trying to market Windows Phone? On Monday they put a 55 foot giant Windows Phone in Herald Square, threw two hit parties and now there's an official Mango-truck making the rounds of AT&T stores.  From site fan electricbopeep, who was kind enough to send us these pics:

"After I recovered from the pleasant shock of such a sight, I asked the driver for the details. According to him, the truck will be making stops at ATT stores to celebrate the release of Mango hardware. The truck is serving mango-inspired street food to get everyone in the Mango spirit. Definitely more evidence of Microsoft's big marketing push - what a difference a year makes!"

Agreed. Microsoft is not only promoting their OS, they're doing in unique, eye-catching ways. We applaud. Heck, we saw the Radar 4G commercial on Xbox-Hulu last night too. Refreshing change and we're hoping to see even more from Microsoft in the coming weeks.

By the way, you can follow the Mango Truck here on Twitter: @CafeMangoToGo and see where they will be next!

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