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Cralert is Windows Phone 8 app that lets you post questions concerning entertainment events to a social network and crowd source the answers.

The questions range from when the latest video game is going to be released to finding out information about a local concert. You can pose the questions, answer the questions or up/down vote correct answers.  Cralert has possibilities but needs a little more audience participation to get off the ground.

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Liquid Daffodil, the developer behind some popular apps for Windows Phone, including Locksider+, has released Flyby! to the Store. The free app (part of the "FREE 4 FANS" project) should be live within the next few days to download, but what's it all about? Available for Windows Phone 8 (and Windows 8 in the very near future), Flyby! is very much like "Ask me anything," where you can create questions about a random topic of choice which can then be passed on to random users.

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Me pondering what we look for from developers

If you’re a Windows Phone developer and want a peek behind the current on Windows Phone Central and our process on app reviews, you’ll want to head to the AdDuplex blog. AdDuplex as many of you know powers the developer promotion network behind many Windows Phone apps (and now Windows 8) and the service’s creator, Alan Mendelevich, was curious as to what we look for when developers contacts us.

Ah yes, the table has turned as we’re the ones being interviewed!

The conversation was with myself and Alan asks some really great questions, such as how many app-review requests we get, what we look for in those emails, are dedicated app-websites beneficial and more. Basically if you’re a developer it’s a roadmap on how best to get your app noticed by us for a potential review. (The first step though is the app or game better be good).

You can read that full interview here at the AdDuplex blog. And if you’re more curious about Alan and his role in Windows Phone, you can read our interview with him from February.

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DecisionMaster - Review

You can find a lot of uses for your Windows Phone. From email to web browsing to turning the phone into a flashlight, the possibilities are numerous. The Windows Phone 7 application DecisionMaster lets you use your Windows Phone to get through the hard choices in life.

DecisionMaster, developed by Tim Plourde, uses a multi-step process to help make a complex decisions that involve multiple options and criteria. Need some help deciding on what your next car will be? Should you take that trip to Disney World or take a sea cruise?

For more on this Windows Phone 7 application, ease on past the break.

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Back a few weeks ago we mentioned how Microsoft's Brandon Watson would answer your questions--well a few of your questions, depending if you made the cut or not.

Weeks passed and we're worried if we would ever hear back and finally we did. Some good info in here but alas, my fellow Expert-tiers, you seemed to have gone for the gold and asked him a few questions that were met with the traditional terse no comment or similar canned responses.

Hey, we can't blame you for asking and can't blame Brandon for not risking his job, so golf claps all around.

The big news is probably the idea that Microsoft still has a "set of consumer features" that they have not yet announced, but will be doing so soon. (Putting pipe in the mouth): Interesting....any guesses?

Finally, no doubt some of his responses will set off some heated discussions, so flame on and sound off in the comments.  Hit the link for the full set of questions and answers!

Special thanks to MobilityDigest for organizing this event & Brandon Watson for his time. Follow Brandon Watson on Twitter and his blog here: blog: | twitter: @brandonwatson

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