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Covy Rush is an endless runner game for your Windows Phone that calls upon you to help Covy the rabbit jump over blocks and collect carrots.

The game has a bit of an elementary school appearance but game play is not without challenge. Gaming controls will take a little time to get used to and will add to the challenge until you get accustom to them.

Still, Covy Rush is not a terrible game for your Windows Phone but lacks that something, something to keep you pulled into the game. Covy Rush is worth trying but may not be attractive to everyone.

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BunnyBeyond is a Windows Phone game that calls upon you to wipe out the rabbit population using freeze rays, rockets and pistols.

Now these aren't your typical bunny rabbits but instead alien rabbits who have invaded Earth. Once you blast these furry creatures back into space, you'll face their leader who isn't an easy push over.  BunnyBeyond has a "whack a mole" feel to it, needs a little fine tuning but otherwise, it's a fun game to pass the time with.

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Windows Phone Game Review: World of Rabbit - The Dig

World of Rabbit - The Dig is an interesting, well animated adventure game for your Windows Phone. It's really hard to put your finger on what type of game World of Rabbit is. It's part time management, part adventure and part strategy.

You are tasked at managing a rabbit population that will dig deeper into the ground to create burrows that generate energy and food as well as rooms for rest and entertainment. As you generate energy you can build more levels. As you generate more food more rabbits become available.

You use your entertainment and sleep areas to keep your rabbit population happy. World of Rabbit is a game of balance, management and patience with a bit of addictiveness added in for good measure.

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