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The Lumia 1020 is a brand new smartphone from Nokia. Not just a different flavour of one that's already available on the market, this new Windows Phone sports a 41MP camera and some other goodies. It surely deserves a new ringtone, message tone and alarm clock sounds, right? Nokia also believes so, which is why we've got these sweet new tunes to share with you.

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Creating ringtones on Windows Phone isn't technically a difficult task, but it's not incredibly straight forward either. Nokia has taken steps to address this for its Lumia Windows Phone owners with a new app that's available in the Nokia Collection. Ringtone Maker is a simple app that does exactly what it says on the tin - it enables users to take tracks saved locally on the device and turn them into ringtones.

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The other day we reported on Parachute Panic, the fun little skill game, receiving a Mango bump. The game now supports fast app resume and that 60FPS increase, which really smooths out the game's hand-drawn and charming graphics.

One bonus feature that we missed was the unique ringtone that FDG Entertainment created for Windows Phone users. To refresh, one new feature of Mango is the ability for developers to make apps that pull down and allow you to save music as a ringtone--anyone can do this. FDG took their awesome and catchy barbershop-style music and made one right in the game.

We show it how it works and how it sounds (which is brilliant and hilarious). Our hats off to FDG for adding this little bonus.

Thanks to everyone who sent this in!

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Well, that was fast.

Looks like you can now download the ChevronWP7 custom ringtone manager--the first homebrew app for Windows Phone 7. The program is a .XAP (pronounced "zap") file and can be deployed using the Microsoft “Application Deployment” tool with the Windows Phone 7 Developer SDK.

To use the app, you basically build a custom .XAP file with up to 5 ringers on board and then "install" it to the phone (kind of like the .cab managers of Windows Mobile days). Ther ringers have to be in WMA format at 48KHz as "required by the OS", so there will be some encoding before you just copy over.

While you can't use the app on-the-go, it sure beats being limited to the default ringers. Remember, you need to unlock the phone first before you attempt and you are taking a risk, albeit small, here.

Source/Get it here: ChevronWP7

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Chris Walsh and co. are getting very close to releasing the very first side-loaded homebrew app for Windows Phone 7: ringtone loader.

That should come to many as a worthy installation, even if the rumored update from Microsoft will contain such functionality. Not much is known at this time about what it can/can't do, but we imagine creating ringtones from your Zune library will be the cornerstone.

Of course you'll need to use ChevronWP7 to unlock your device first. Yeah, Microsoft would prefer you not to (shocking) but you're adults, we'll leave the ethical issues up to you.

Source: Twitter

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