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GoodMovie - Mango App Spotlight

Trying to find a good movie? Look no further. The Windows Phone app GoodMovie is the app you want for such occasions. GoodMovie could easily be a must have app for your Windows Phone. If you're a movie buff, it's definitely a must have app.

GoodMovie taps into the Rotten Tomatoes film website and brings all the movie data to your Windows Phone. You can search movies by keyword or by a wide range of categories that include theatrical releases, movies just opening, upcoming titles, movies out on DVD, top rentals, and your recently reviewed titles.

When you pull up individual movie titles you will get pages that cover reviews, information about the movie (actors, synopsis, rating, etc.), images from the movie, news items, and YouTube videos (typically the movie trailers).

At the bottom of the movie title page you'll find button controls to access the search page, search Bing by the movie (pulls up theatrical locations if available), share the movie info via Windows Live, Facebook and Twitter) and pull up the movie via Rotten Tomatoes website.

GoodMovie will also let you pull up similar pages on individual actors that will include any Wikipedia listings for that actor. There is Live Tile support to display the last film you've viewed and images can be saved to use as Windows Phone wallpapers.

We are very impressed with GoodMovie and highly recommend it for anyone needing to find a good movie or for those who just enjoy catching up on movies.  The app ran smoothly and has a nice, clean appearance. GoodMovie is a free application and you can download it here at the Windows Phone Marketplace.

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Confession: I watch between 5-7 movies a week, some in the cinema, some at home, never on my phone. Heck, I saw three movies just on Saturday. So needless to say, looking up info on movies (actors, awards, year of release, who directed, etc.) is one of those things I do a lot of, in fact you'll find me fiddling with my phone during a movie, because I need to know something. Yeah, sorry I'm that guy.

While we have apps like iMDB, Flixster, etc. on our phones, they're not for everyone. Captain Movie, which just hit v1.7 and is set for Mango, is a "wrapper" app meaning it scrapes info from iMDB, Rotten Tomatoes and and gives it to you in a nice, Metro-y format. More interestingly, it shows you on the first screen what just opened this weekend and then you scroll over and see what's coming for the next few weeks--that's imporant for myself, because it's hard to keep track of all the different little films out there. Under each movie, you get things like cast, crew, links to trailers, trivia, comments, pictures and more--it's all the info you could want right at your finger tips.

"Metasearch over all databases, Search for Movies, Search for Persons, Movie Starts, Search and Watch Trailers, Tile image update with current Movie Starts, Information about movies(facts, cast & crew, pictures, user comments, soundtrack, release dates, story line, editions, awards) Information about persons(facts, filmography, pictures, awards)"

Supported Databases: IMDb(en,de,es,fr,it,pt), TMDb(en,de,es,fr,it,pt), OFDb(de), Cineasten(de), moviepilot(de), FILMSTARTS(de), RottenTomatoes(en)"

In addition, you can search for any movie--not just current ones, but the whole iMDB, TMDB and Rotten Tomatoes archive, making this a very powerful app. Quickly learn what awards the film one, the soundtrack info and more.

The app does fetch for $1.99 which is on the high end, no doubt. But there is a free trial and if you're a movie buff like myself, the $1.99 is well worth the investment. You also get a swanky Live Tile that pushes the latest posters to your Start screen, updating every hour or so--nice touch. Take Captain Movie for a spin here in the Marketplace. And don't forget to grab the RunPee app too, as you'll need that to nail down some bathroom breaks during your latest silver screen viewing.

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