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myTrekData is a handy app for Windows Phone 8 that will let you plot out a route for running, bicycling, walking or any other distance activity and then track your progress on that route.

myTrekData will also provide you the weather forecasts and daylight parameters for your route.  In the short time we have had to try myTrekData, it comes across as a useful Windows Phone 8 app to help you keep track of all your treks, be it for a run, a bike ride, or a hike.

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NAVIGON Europe for Windows Phone 8 now available

A few days ago we shared that NAVIGON USA for Windows Phone 8 was available at the Windows Phone Store. Well now NAVIGON Europe has made the jump to Windows Phone 8.

The NAVIGON apps are feature rich navigation apps that includes user selected downloadable maps. This allows you to travel without depending on a data connection for your maps.  It also helps save on storage space in that you only download the maps you need.

Just as with the NAVIGON USA app, version 4.5 of NAVIGON Europe has all the features of the Windows Phone 7 version save the Text-to-Speech feature which will be added in an upcoming update.

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GPS Voice Navigation updated, major style redesign

The Windows Phone navigation app GPS Voice Navigation was recently updated to version 4.0. The update brings a handful of new features and improvements that range from a new Windows 8 style redesign to additional language support.

The style design gives GPS Voice Navigation a cleaner, more user friendly feel to it with menu pages that include a Quickstart Page, your favorite locations, recent destinations, a contacts page, and a point of interest page.

The QuickStart Page has options to view the map, find a destination, access the settings and shortcut commands to create a route home (set in the map view), show your trip information and clear your trip.

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gMaps Pro for Windows Phone: Video Overview

gMaps Pro for Windows Phone was recently re-introduced to the Marketplace. Due to gMaps Pro being re-introduced to the Marketplace, previous versions aren't eligible for future updates.  To help those who will need to re-purchase gMaps Pro, the developer offered it as a free app this past Friday.  I managed to miss that day but as the app looked so good I parted with my money and made the purchase.

As I have been so impressed I thought the app was worthy of a video demonstration or walk through to give everyone a feel for the app. As you can see there are some great features built into the application and it looks good too.  Features include:

  • Discover places or use local search
  • See your friends and share location with Google Latitude
  • Navigation with direction and rerouting
  • Multilingual. Supports more than 40 Google languages. Fully localized for 8 languages
  • Layers Weather, Bikes and all other maps
  • Share map by email/message

The latest update, version 1.23, includes 'street view' which seems to work pretty well.  

Although Bing search on Windows Phone does a similar job I much prefer gMaps Pro. There is a free version of gMaps available but it is ad supported, which may not appeal to everyone. The gMaps Pro version is currently running $1.99 and a worthy purchase if you ask us.

You can find the free, ad-supported version of gMaps here and the ad-free version of gMaps Pro here (has a trial version) at the Windows Phone Marketplace.


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NAVIGON - Review

NAVIGON hit the Windows Phone Marketplace a few days ago with mixed reactions. Some felt the navigational app was a really nice addition to the Marketplace while others were hesitant on the price. Some felt that having an option to download specific maps might help take the bite out of the hefty price tag.

Speaking of which, let me break the news to you right out of the gate in case you've missed it. The $29.99 price tag for the U.S. version of NAVIGON is an introductory price. After November 15, 2011 the price jumps up to $49.99. European introductory pricing is set at 59.49 Euros until November 15th and then the price jumps to 84.99 Euros.

With the price being amongst the highest for a Windows Phone app, it's natural to ask "Is it worth it?". Especially when lower priced alternatives are out there that can navigate you around town pretty darn well in their own right.

Over the past few days, we took NAVIGON out for a test drive and ease on past the break to see how things measured up. See if that $29.99 (soon to be $49.99) is a deal or a steal.

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Voice navigation has landed on your Windows Phone by way of apps such as GPS Voice Navigation, Silver Navigator, aSpass and Turn by Turn Navigation. These navigation apps bring the spoken word to your travel directions, But which is better?  Prices range from $2.99 to $6.99 but which are worth the price of admission and which aren't?

We decided to do a head to head comparison of the various voice navigation apps available for your Windows Phone.  First up, we take a look at GPS Voice Navigation and Turn by Turn Navigation.  They are the heavy weights of the group (both in price and features) and we'll turn our sights on Silver Navigator and aSpass next.

We recently took both GPS Voice and Turn by Turn out for a road trip to see how well both performed. Did GPS Voice Navigation out perform Turn by Turn or did it land us in the middle of nowhere? Did Turn by Turn steer us into a cow pasture or did was it the shiny coin between the two?

You know the drill. To find out how these two navigation apps shook out, navigate your way past the break.

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A to B - Review

A-to-B is being offered over at the Windows Phone 7 Marketplace as a free navigation app for your Windows Phone. A-to-B offers turn by turn navigation as well as the ability to save favorite destinations.

The application was originally designed to demonstrate the capabilities of the ArcGIS API for the Windows Phone. Demo or not, A-to-B seems to have developed a rather popular following in the short time it's been in circulation.

Follow the break to read more on A-to-B.

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