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Paper Snow is an enjoyable Windows Phone app for making paper snowflakes that taps into your creative spirit.  The developer has now released a Windows 8.1 version of the app so you can make larger snowflakes from your larger screens.

Paper Snow for Windows 8.1 shares the same addictive quality as the Windows Phone version does. The app challenges you to see how creative you can get in designing your snowflakes.  If you found the Windows Phone version of Paper Snow, you will like the Windows 8.1 version just as well.

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I’m sure many remember making paper snowflakes in an Arts and Crafts class during their Elementary School years.  Paper Snow is a creativity app that brings the art of creating paper snowflakes, which so many school kids are creating this time of year, to our Windows Phones.

Your creations can be shared on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram as well as saved locally to your Pictures Hub.  Paper Snow is a simple, fun app available for Windows Phone 8 and 7.x devices but oddly addictive.

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Here in New England, we’re getting hit with some nasty winter weather: snow, rain, sleet, freezing rain and all the variants of wintry precipitation. And if you’re planning your day—especially if you golf, ride a motorcycle or were looking to schedule something outside, knowing when that rain is going to happen is important.

Enter in SkyMotion, which just does just that—it pulls down your location and in various, user-selected time increments, tells you the chance of rain in your exact area. Sure, other weather apps tell you that info in a general sense, but this is about granularity, specificity and SkyMotion kicks it up a notch.

The app was previously on Android and iOS but is now available for our Windows Phones...

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HTC Cavalier vs. Samsung i600

Smartphone in the snow? What are you doing, man?! Oh, you're doing a comparative review of devices I'd like to see here in the US: The HTC Cavalier (successor to the T-Mobile Dash) and the Samsug i600 (AKA: The Blackjack with WiFi and a 2nd camera). If you can get past the utter insanity of burying these devices in the snow (you know, that stuff can turn into water), it's a very full-featured review with lotsa pretty close-up pictures.

today’s review is dedicated to the face-off of two smartphones: HTC S650 (codenamed Cavalier) and Samsung i600. The company’s apply totally different approach to the development of QWERTY-equipped smartphones and we are eager to figure out how these vendors see the ways of this segment’s expansion.

Read: Comparative review of QWERTY-smartphones Samsung i600 and HTC S650 (via Smartphone thoughts )

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