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SPB Wireless Monitor

Recently I reviewed Phone Dashboard Minute Tracker which can track your minutes that you use each month to help make sure that you never go over your minutes on your plan.  As a result, I was asked several times if it could track the data usage, and the answer was No.  So I went looking for a utility that could.  The very week (November 18th to be exact) I started looking, SPB released version 3 upgrade for their Wireless Monitor

SPB was gracious enough to give me a copy to review.  I have put it through its paces and have come up with a verdict...

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Review: KeePass PPC

In keeping with our theme of looking at open-source software for Windows Mobile, we now focus on KeePass PPC. KeePass is similar to other open source projects in that it originally was intended for desktop operating systems and has since been ported to handheld platforms.

Similar to several applications that are commercially available, KeePass stores sensitive information such as usernames and passwords or bank account numbers. The concept is great: The portability of your Windows Mobile device paired with the data security offered by some of the most secure encryption algorithms publicly available.

Keep reading for more.

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Review: e-Mobile Traffic


Do you have a commute to work through frustrating traffic? Would you like to have real time traffic updates, including accidents and traffic flow? Then you should start looking at how your WM phone can help you with this. Today it is a 50 / 50 chance that any given WM phone has built in GPS. We wanted to take a look at a possible Traffic solution for those who do not have built in GPS in their WM phone. To see if e-Mobile Traffic ver 1 is the smartest $19.99 you ever spent to save you hours in your daily commute or if it is a gimmicky option that is not worth the money... read on.

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Resco Bubbles

I never thought that as an adult that popping bubbles while doing connect the dots could be so engaging and addictive, but Resco Bubbles has opened my eyes to (and fulfilling) these needs that I didn’t even know existed deep inside me.

As I am sure you have seen on TV, read about here at WMExperts, or discovered in your own WM phone that you have recently purchased, many of the new phones now come with G-Sensor built in. What is that? It is the phone’s ability to detect which way the phone is moved or tilted. And with this new technology, games that take full advantage of it are starting to hit the market as well. We here are WMExperts will continue to highlight and share the best of, and the worst of, this new genre of games.
Resco Bubbles ver 1.20 is the first one of this new genre that we are reviewing here at WMExperts in detail. As I mentioned above, it is addictive, but it is too simple to not be worth the money? Read on to find out if wasted hours of popping bubbles is destined to be a must have for your current or future phone.

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Review: SBHT MyHome

With modern mobile devices it’s not enough to simply offer a long list of features. Consumers these days expect the best of everything; this is why we’ve seen a trend of Windows Mobile device manufacturers designing a custom user interface into their products. Additionally, more software developers are putting their effort into home screen replacements in an effort to fill the gap for one of the shortcomings in Windows Mobile.

You may not have heard of SHBT (Sellit Hungary BT), but the Hungarian developer has been building applications for Windows Mobile since 2004. Many of SHBT’s products would seem to be targeted at niche markets such as Mobile Electronic Suite and Mobile Resistor; both of which are designed for electrical engineers and builders of electronic components.

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Astraware's Classic Collection

With all the time I spend waiting in airports and on planes, I really value having a wide selection of games on hand to help whittle away the time.  I like getting the best value for my money while giving me the most variety at the same time.  This is why Astraware Classic Collection caught my eye.  It includes Astraware Sudoku, Astraware Board Games (collection of 8 board games), and Astraware Solitaire (collection of 12 solitaire games).  Sold separately they are $14.95 each for a total of $44.85.  The Astraware Classic Collection bundles these together for $29.95, giving a total of 21 games to choose from.  Good deal, but still fairly steep.  So the question is, are they good enough to be worth it?  Read on so I can show you what I found...

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Review: Insaniquarium by Astraware

Had a long day? Work gotcha down? Need a pointless game for your Windows Mobile device that will put it all in perspective? Astraware’s Insaniquarium ($19.95) might just do the trick. Astraware puts a fish aquarium on your screen that is nothing short of, well, insane.

To see how Insaniquarium washes out, read on!

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Review: Flexmail 4

Back in the Windows CE days, the majority of devices that were available were of the touch screen, non-phone variety. I never really found any value in those days to syncing a couple thousand email messages to my old iPaq. Things have changed a lot since then. With all of the connectivity options available to us these days, it is pretty much a no brainer to have some sort of email access from your Windows Mobile device.

Microsoft is one of the industry leaders in all aspects of the email conversation. Their Exchange Messaging Server is one of the first choices for most Enterprises because of it’s close integration with Microsoft’s other products. Outlook and Outlook Express are some of the most commonly used email clients.

In the Windows Mobile side of the world, Microsoft has given us a mobile version of Outlook. To this point however, the mobile version is almost entirely bereft of the more powerful features of the desktop or even web-based versions of Outlook. Enter Flexmail 4 by WebIS (the makers of Pocket Informant).

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