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Sweet Sync

An update is heading our way for the Sweet Sync for SugarSync app. Sugar Sync is a cloud storage option, similar to Dropbox or Skydrive, and Sweet Sync is your unofficial Windows Phone connection to the cloud service.

The update takes Sweet Sync to version 1.4 and brings background photo synchronization into the mix. When enabled the app will detect new photos on your Windows Phone and sync them upon startup.

The version 1.4 update also adds the option to sync only when your on wifi and select any sync folder in your account to sync to (or not to sync to). This is a nice data saving feature.

The update has just passed Marketplace certification so look for it to be pushed out in the next 24-48 hours. In the meantime, you can find Sweet Sync for SugarSync here at the Windows Phone Marketplace. There is a trial version with the full version of Sweet Sync for SugarSync running $1.29.

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Although many of us are now hardcore SkyDrive users, some people still rely on or need Sugar Sync (www.sugarsync.com) for their file sharing and storing needs. And while Sugar Sync is working on a Windows Phone client, we have no ETA on when that app will arrive. So it's with great pleasure for us to see Sweet Sync on the Marketplace fulfilling that role.

The client offers most of what you would expect a mobile Sugar Sync client to offer:

  • Allows the creation, modification and deletion of any file or folder in your account, including received shares
  • Upload, Download and View Images
  • Create public links for your files and share them with friends
  • Open documents with public links directly on your phone (Not all filetypes can be opened)

We just took the app for a spin and it's hella-nice. Bold graphics (which are not Metro but still look nice), ease of use, plenty of options. Heck, we're impressed with it and while it may not replace our SkyDrive, we're not against adding extra storage when and where we can either.

Sugar Sync fetches for a fair $1.29 with a limited trial (read-only access). Our recommendation: if you use Sugar Sync, give it a shot. Even if the official app comes out, we tend to go with third-party devs for better support and more functionality. But that's us.

Pick up Sweet Sync here in the Windows Phone Marketplace.

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