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tango app

Tango, which was released last week, has now been updated to version 1.1.  The only change to the video chat app is the addition of support for the Samsung Focus and Omnia 7, which previously had issues running it.  A Samsung-branded iteration of Tango, also labeled v1.1 made a brief appearance in the Marketplace, but has since disappeared.

Samsung owners, rejoice, and get your chat on here.

Thanks for the tip, Dmitry!

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Early this morning we reported on how Samsung released a v1.1 of the new Tango video-chat app and now HTC has followed suit as well.

We're not sure what exactly is different between this and the generic Tango app outside of the version change. The app description suggest it integrates with the People Hub but we haven't see that just yet (though perhaps they mean it looks up your contacts.) But what we do know is that HTC and Samsung both have worked closely with Tango on this app, meaning these specialized versions probably have some device-specific tweaks in them to make 'em work better.

Of course as noted in the description, this is only for the Radar and Titan, so we're assuming they're optimized for those phones.

Grab Tango for HTC v1.1 here in the Marketplace.

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Samsung releases modified version of Tango video app

It was well-received when the video chat application Tango was released for WP7 a couple of days ago.  However, the news was not great for owners of the Samsung Omnia 7 who experienced several issues with it.  If you are such a person, fret no more.  Word from the developers was an update will be forthcoming to address the issues on this device and the Focus (which some have reported a few issues with as well).

Fast forward to today though and we just found a Samsung-branded version of the Tango chat app. Billed as version 1.1 we're not exactly sure what's different but it is safe to assume that this has custom Sammy APIs and drivers, making the experience more reliable and bug free than the unbranded option.

Pick up the Samsung version here in the Marketplace.

Thanks, TahitiBob for the tip; Omnia 7 info via Plaffo

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Don't want to wait for Skype to come to Windows Phone? Have a developer unlocked device? Then you can head over to XDA to grab the XAP file for Tango, the video calling and VOIP solution that costs nothing to use. Originally offered on the HTC Titan and Radar, it has been ported to older Windows Phones for some fun.

We loaded it up on our HTC Arrives and sure enough, it works. Sure, video calling is a bit choppy, even over WiFi and the audio is only routed through the rear speaker, but the novelty of it is certainly exciting.

The app seems to work on all HTC generation phones and LG phones, but only audio for Samsung devices (Focus, Omnia 7) and of course there's no love for Dell.

Head here to XDA for the relevant thread. Thanks, David, for the link!

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