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Windows Phone Central App Roundup: Photo Editors
Windows Phone Central App Roundup: Photo Editors

As someone who has spent a lot of time behind a camera, it's nice to see our Windows Phone cameras and photography apps improve over the years. The hardware has well passed the novelty stage back when VGA was the only capture resolution and are now easily capable of taking noteworthy images.  Our Windows Phone cameras have become very handy and capable means to capture the moment.

The Windows Phone apps supporting our cameras have equally improved significantly from apps that simple slap creative filters on your images to apps that have Photoshop-like capabilities to not only add filters but also to make exposure adjustments and other quality control edits.  

We picked four Windows Phone photo editing apps in this week's roundup that go beyond special effects and filters to help us make the most of our cameras and the images they capture.

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Thumba Photo Editor gets updated to Mango

The popular photo editor for your Windows Phone, Thumba Photo Editor, was updated overnight to version 3.5.0. It brings a handful of improvements to the table including the fast resume of Mango and it now appears in your Photo Hub/Camera menu under "apps" (more on this in a second). Additional improvements and changes include:

  • New icon with transparency
  • New before/after tool
  • Images can be reloaded by shaking your phone
  • Histogram display improvements
  • Manual saturation adjustment added
  • Gamma configuration added to exposure adjustments
  • Several bug fixes and performance tweaks

The updated version of Thumba Photo Editor has full integration with the Pictures Hub in that it is listed under the "Apps" menu option. With Windows Phone 7, when you pulled up the three-dot menu while viewing a photo there was the menu option "Extras". "Extras" listed every photo app installed on your phone and you could launch these apps from this menu. With Windows Phone 7.5, the "Extras" menu option has been replaced by the "Apps" option. It too lists photo apps installed on your phone but the developer must include this integration within their app. Not every photo app will be listed.

In just tinkering with the updated version of Thumba Photo Editor, it ran smoothly and the interface felt cleaner. I like the before/after button and the fast resume feature.  The fast resume brings you back to where you left, which is great feature when your photo editing gets interrupted.

If you are looking for a great photo editor with a lot of tools, Thumba Photo Editor is a steal at $.99. If you're not sure, there is a free trial available to let you try before you buy. You can find Thumba Photo Editor here at the Windows Phone Web Marketplace.

Thanks goes out to entanianick for the tip!

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Thumba Photo Editor - Review

While Windows Phone cameras are improving, so are the photography apps that let you edit the pictures you take, such as Thumba Photo Editor.  Thumba is a basic photo editing application for your Windows Phone that offers a respectable amount of processing tools.

Thumba Photo Editor is a very stable application with no bugs, glitches or crashes experienced while testing the application out.  The tools available are very similar to a desktop editor only lacking a print button for your images.  Thumba gives you the ability to turn a so-so picture into a nice picture.

To read more on Thumba Photo Editor, ease on past the break.

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We ran across three new apps for Windows Phone 7 that are working their way to the Marketplace.

ezyTip from donNetProfessional is a tip calculator that not only calculates your tip but can adjust it based on service, split your bill if your going "dutch" with friends, and even email them if they duck out on you.

ProjectThumba brings you the photo editor, Thumba. As a photographer, any app dealing with photography catches my attention and Thumba looks interesting. Thumba allows for image adjustments such as cropping, rotating, adjusting brightness/contrast, color balance and much more.

The "Where is my car?" app from StevenMeyerGVA is just what you think it would be, an app to help you keep track of where you parked your car. The app uses your Windows Phone 7's gps to mark where you parked your car and lead you back to it when the day is done. The app also has a feature to keep track of Parking Meter time, enter voice notes, and attach a picture of where you parked your car.

All three apps look interesting and we'll be eager to take all three out for a test run when they launch. In the meantime, hit the break to see video demos of all three.

via mobilitydigest

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