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time lapse

Time-lapse photography can create some interesting effects. The technique involves recording film at lower frame rates than that used for playback. The end result is what appears to be a sped up film - think the opposite of slow motion. Social Scene is an app that brings time-lapse photography to Windows Phone. But it's much more than just a simple camera app. Head on past the break to see why.

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ProShot is a feature rich camera app for your Windows Phone 8 device for those wanting a little more control over their camera. The app was recently updated to version 2.3 that tweaks the app's overall performance and adds a self timer and intervalometer feature.

What's a intervalometer you ask? Simply put, a time lapse setting. ProShot now can capture time lapse images using delays that range from 3 seconds to 5 minutes. The self-timer feature has options for delays ranging from 1 second to 10 seconds and an option to capture a three shot burst.

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Timelapse Pro is a handy app for your Windows Phone for time lapse photography. We took a look at it a while ago and found it to be a very nice photography app for your Windows Phone. Timelapse Pro was recently updated to version 2.5 that adds Skydrive support and the ability to create animated .gif files from your time lapse footage.

You can still create videos from the time lapse photos through third party apps such as Windows Live Movie Maker. But if you need a quick way to generate an animated presentation from your pictures, the .gif creator comes in handy.

Once you finish capturing your photos, when you go to preview the footage you will still see the options to record more photos, save photos, or delete the picture set.  With version 2.5 the option to upload the video comes into play.

When you choose to upload the video you will be taken to an upload wizard where you choose the resolution size (up to 480x360).  Once the .gif is created you can choose where to upload the .gif file to. You can choose your Skydrive account or upload the file to Timelapse Pro's server (20mb size limit). Once uploaded you will be provided a link that you can share as you wish (email, Facebook, Twitter, etc.).

All in all, the update improves Timelapse Pro rather nicely. There is a trial version available (doesn't support the .gif upload feature though) and the full version of Timelapse Pro will run you $.99.  You can find Timelapse Pro here at the Windows Phone Marketplace.

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Windows Phone App Review: Timelapse Pro

Found a nice time lapse photography app for your Windows Phone the other day. Timelapse Pro is available over at the Windows Phone Marketplace for a steal of a price ($.99).

What makes Timelapse Pro a really nice photography app for your Windows Phone is the settings menu (more on this in a second). In a nutshell, Timelapse Pro takes control over your camera and captures an image at pre-determined intervals. The photos are then compiled into a video for some neat time lapse images.

Timelapse Pro's interface is fairly simple. You have one page to work from with a three dot menu that pulls up options to access the settings, read some tips/tricks, and view the About screen.

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