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Sometimes an app comes along so simple and beautiful you can’t help but love it. TinyDO is one of those apps. We first covered it a little over two weeks ago when we looked all the apps from the developer. We told you guys and gals to go download them because every single one of them was visually stunning. One of those was just updated today. Let’s see what’s new with TinyDO.

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Wunderlist heading for Windows Phone

Wunderlist, a free cross-platform task manager, is heading to Windows Phone and 6Wunderkinder (the developers) have published a capture of the app in action (see above). The UI looks really intuitive with a slick look and sleek layout. Users of Wunderlist are able to arrange tasks, collaborate with others on the cloud, and much more. 

They have apps for iOS, Windows, OS X, and Android already, so it's good to see the team thinking of Windows Phone. We suspect some feedback also gave incentive to start developing an app for Microsoft's mobile platform too. 

Source: Wunderlist, Dribble, thanks Johannes for the tip!

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