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Track My Life

Track My Life is nifty Windows Phone app that records your travels to give you an idea where you spend your life. The app went from a rather broad tracking app to a more refined accounting of where you've been.

The Windows Phone 8 version of Track My Life was recently updated to version  The update includes a handful of bug fixes and user interface improvements as well as the ability to add more information to your stops.  It allows you to not only see where you've been but add a description to that location, associate any photos taken with your Windows Phone at that location and categorize it as a pleasure or work stop.

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We took a look the Windows Phone app Track My Life a while ago and found it to be a decent GPS tracking app for your Windows Phone. Track My Life charts your travels to give you an idea of where you've been and where you spend the most time at. The developers have been busy updating the app to improve things and incorporate suggestions from users. The latest version is 3.0 and adds a Time Machine feature to the app.

What is the Time Machine you ask? The Time Machine feature lets you select what data range you want to display on Track My Life. You have options to look at the past week, past month or a custom setting where you can go back months.

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Windows Phone App Review: Track My Life

Every wonder where you spend most of your time? Track My Life is a Windows Phone app that hopes to tell you just that.  The app records your location every thirty minutes and logs which city your are in.  Track My Life will map these locations on the map (provided by Bing) with a push pin.  From there you can tap on a push pin to see how much time you've been tracked in that city or view the overall stats that will let you know which city you've spent the most time in.

Track My Life is an interesting tracking app for your Windows Phone that does have some room for improvement.  Overall though, it's a nice choice if you're curious what location you are spend the bulk of your time in.

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