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If there’s one thing our audience knows is that those with Nokia Lumias tend to be…loyal. It’s not hard to imagine why as there is something quite unique and satisfying when handling a Nokia phone, especially their high-end polycarbonate ones like the 800, 900 or their best yet the Lumia 920.

One of our forum members, Nisse Tuta, has gone ahead and made a gorgeous video review of his beloved 920 and it is hands down one of the nicest tributes we’ve seen. Nisse was also behind the other recent video showing off the 920’s wireless charging capability, a video that was also highly enjoyable and entertaining.

As the video notes, let’s cue the music and get the shallowest depth of field possible, because this is the Lumia 920. Not just a phone but art. Head into our forums for more to ask questions, learn new tricks or to just have fun.

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The Wall of Live Tiles exists

Remember how a few weeks ago we reported on how Microsoft was contacting developers about featuring their app with a Live Tile on a "wall" and that this wall would be featured at some upcoming Mango events? Ahhh...yes, now you do!! It's all making sense now, right?

And what you see above is, you guessed it, the developer wall of Live Tiles. Basically a large LCD screen, it featured 112 apps all blinking, flipping and doing their live thing. In fact, before the main even kicked off, this was the screen shown on the projector.

Microsoft seemed pretty proud of it and it does show one of the more important elements of our OS in action, plus it's a nice tribute to the developers out there.

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