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Turbo Camera

Turbo Camera is a neat camera app for your Windows Phone that delivers high speed shutter performance and allows you to convert your images into an animated .gif file.  The burst mode reaches as high as 30 frames per second on some Windows Phones. The app recently passed the 250,000 download mark and in celebration, the developer has lowered the price to $.99.

Turbo Camera normally runs $1.99 and the sale price will stay in place until the version 2.0 update hits the Marketplace. According to the developer, the update is scheduled in the next few weeks.

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Some time ago we reviewed the Windows Phone camera app Turbo Camera. It's an app that brings a rather fun burst mode to your Windows Phone camera that can capture images at a rate as high as thirty frames per second. Since our review, the app has climbed to the top twenty apps in the Marketplace and is currently the number one camera app in the Marketplace. Turbo Camera is available in twenty-nine Marketplace countries and is doing rather well in each.

Along with its popularity and success, Turbo Camera has also seen a few updates improving performance and bringing new features to the table. The latest update, version 1.7, adds the following features to Turbo Camera.

  • Create animated GIF videos from your pictures
  • Backup your video to SkyDrive
  • Share your videos via email
  • Improved thumbnail resolution on export.

The one feature I like about Turbo Camera is after you've captured a few hundred frames, you get to choose which images are saved to your Pictures Hub. You also can select which camera resolution you want to use as well. Just keep in mind, the higher the resolution the fps may slow down a tad.  On the Nokia Lumia 900 I was able to get in the neighborhood of 15-20 fps at max resolution.  The HTC Titan II, at max resolution, was about 1.5 frames slower. 

There is a free trial version available for Turbo Camera that won't let you save any photos but will give you a feel for the app. The full version of Turbo Camera is running $1.99 and you can grab it all here at the Windows Phone Marketplace.

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Windows Phone App Review: Turbo Camera

Here's a neat camera app for your Windows Phone. Turbo Camera brings a burst mode of sorts to your Windows Phone camera by taking pictures in the neighborhood of 14-16 frames per second.  The app also has a timer feature and a delay for those times you don't need the high speed shutter.  Turbo Camera has room for improvement but as is, it's a decent camera app for your Windows Phone.

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