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Turn Based

Scoundrels is a turn based board game for your Windows Phone with a slight role playing game feel to it. You compete against other players to discover treasure before they do.

Along the way you have monsters to deal with and traps to avoid as well as your opponent. Scoundrels is more of a tactical/strategy game than an action game so don't expect a lot of fast paced game play. Scoundrels isn't without appeal but may be more of an acquired taste when it comes to Windows Phone games.

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Yatzy Online is a turn based, online Windows Phone 8 game based on the classic dice game Yahtzee. Yatzy Online is also available over on Android and IOS which should give you a healthy player pool to compete against.

Yatzy Online is laid out in a straight forward manner with three variations of Yahtzee, International, Scandinavian and a six dice version. Yatzy Online is a decent version of the dice throwing game for our Windows Phone 8 devices but does have a few annoying features.

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Windows Phone Game Review: Get High with Words

Here's a rather interesting multi-player hangman game for your Windows Phone. Get High with Words is an online turn based game of hangman where you create the hangman puzzle from a random grouping of tiles and your opponent has to solve the puzzle.

Once your opponents turn is complete, they create the hangman puzzle for you to solve. If a hangman puzzle can't be solve within the allotted guesses, you lose a life. Lose all three lives and the game is over.

The concept is very similar to other online turned based games such as Words by Post and Alpha Jax. Except you're playing a game of hangman instead of scrabble.

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Broiled Earth, influenced by the classic Scorched Earth, is an oldschool artillery game by Nullygon Technology Studio where you have two tanks on opposing sides--you then fire various projectile weapons, using angles, wind speed and power to hit your enemy. The game just launched in the Marketplace for $2.99 and is loads of fun for those who love these turn-based projectile games.

But what makes Broiled Earth really cool is the online, multiplayer bit--you can play up to four friends (and strangers) online over 3G or WiFi. The game uses a server system to host games, which you can either create or join. While we didn't get to try that aspect yet (the game just came out and it is 4am EST, ahem), the single player against the AI was just as sweet. (BTW, why are there no Xbox LIVE games doing this yet? Go indie developers!)

Could we be on the verge of another AlphaJax/SpellIt craze? We sure hope so as these types of games are a ton of fun. Bringing online multiplayer support to such classic turn-based gaming is something you just can't wrong with these days. Broiled Earth has a free trial (but no online support--guess that's where the $2.99 goes to) and our early impression is: don't miss out. (Are we overreacting or is this not totally awesome?)

Grab your free tial here in the Marketplace.

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