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Microsoft's Bing Maps for Windows 8.1 is a breathtaking experience

The preinstalled map app within Windows 8 is quite good, but it comes nowhere near the detail and quality of map resources supplied by Google’s own mapping service. Microsoft intends to fix that idea and has just released their “Bing Maps Preview” application to the Windows Store.

Simply put from first impressions - we are impressed.

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There are little gems available on the Windows Phone Store that are worth your time to check out. One of these is Foundbite, developed by James Mundy and published through the AppCampus program. The app enables you to record the ambience of any given location, accompanied by a photography or gallery of shots.

Foundbite has been pushed to the store, introducing a number of improvements. Snap on past the break to see what's new.

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There's certainly an abundance of photography apps available on the Windows platform - we're talking about both Windows 8 and Windows Phone. One of said offerings is PhotoFunia, a cloud-based photo editing suite which provides you tools and options to let you enjoy photography with some interesting and fun results. The team have updated their app to work with Windows 8.1.

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If you're not familiar with 2flicka, it's an unofficial Flickr app for Windows Phone. The app itself hasn't been live for very long, but already we're looking at yet another update. Previously, the developer added group support, galleries and a few other goodies, but today 2flicka has had a few fixes implemented, along with a more polished dark theme. Snap on past the break for the full read through.

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The latest update for Tweet It!, bringing the popular Windows Phone Twitter client up to version 7.3, introduces new personalisation options for how elements are displayed and more. If you're not a fan of the whole 'everything is square' UI design in most of your installed apps, Tweet It! enables you to switch between squares and round designs.

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Microsoft has today released an update to the OneNote app on Windows 8. The update adds new features and improvements, including note capture with the Share Charm, scanning of items with the camera and the display of recent notes with Page Previews. It's a fairly sizeable upgrade, so hop on past the break to learn what's new in the latest release.

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It's already set in stone that Microsoft's next-generation console, the Xbox One will require a day one patch - just like the PlayStation 4. Unfortunately, with the next Xbox, you'll not be able to play any games (or really do anything at all) until you've installed the update.

Luckily, should you be afraid that something may go wrong on the day to prevent you from getting on with some gaming, Microsoft has made an offline version of the day one patch available for manual installation via a USB drive.

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Windows Reading List is an application that comes preinstalled with all Windows 8.1 machines; it allows users to browse the web and easy save content for later viewing. The software is very similar to other services such as Pocket and Instapaper, but falls short when paired amongst comparable services (no mobile applications, less features, etc.). If you are a fan of Windows Reading list though, you will be excited to hear that the app has received a new feature in its recent update.

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The official GoPro app for Windows Phone just received a much-requested update. Version 1.1 adds compatibility for the new GoPro HERO3+ cameras. This app lets you control your GoPro camera remotely using Windows Phone 8 devices with at least 1GB RAM. You can start/stop recording, snap a photo, or adjust settings from your phone. You can also preview live video for easy shot framing.

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When it comes to Windows 8 devices, there is no doubt with the unit’s ability to multitask or the ability to be productive and get stuff done. The Achilles heel of the Windows 8 platform at the moment, is its own app store, but as we know, Microsoft has been working hard to deliver key applications like Facebook and Flipboard (coming soon). With the release of Windows 8.1 however, an update was pushed for the app store that makes it easier to navigate and also help you discover some great apps you may have missed.

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Nokia announced a new photography-focused app called "StoryTeller" in Abu Dhabi last month. The new tool offers a way to organize image and video files on Lumia Windows Phones, according to the time or location they are taken. We knew the software will be released in the near future, but weren't entirely sure when. Now a beta version of StoryTeller is available on the Windows Phone Store.

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