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Smartphone Madness 2013
Vote for the Nokia Lumia 920 to knock out the Blackberry Z10 in the LAPTOP Smartphone Madness finals!

While we have the Windows Phone App Star contest winding down, we have another March Madness style contest reaching the finals. Laptop Magazine is running the "Smartphone Madness 2013" contest to see which smartphone on the market is the most popular.

The field of sixteen smartphones has been widdled down to two with our Nokia Lumia 920 facing the Blackberry Z10 in the finals.

Currently the Lumia 920 has a very comfortable lead over the Z10 (62.8% to 37.2%) but we shouldn't see this as an easy victory. Our friends over at have sounded the alarm so this may end up being a close contest when all is said and done.

Every vote counts and to help keep the Lumia 920 and Windows Phone out in front, head on over to Laptop's site and vote. Voting ends Monday, April 8th at 9am EST so spread the word and get out the vote!

Thanks, everyone, for the tips!

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Election Day apps for your Windows Phone

Tomorrow is Election Day here in the States where millions of voters will go to the polls to not only decide the outcome of local political races but also decide the outcome of our Presidential race. There are a handful of Windows Phone apps to help you keep track of Election results and help you find your way to the poll.

We've put together a small roundup of these apps that you may find useful in keeping track of how your favorite candidate is doing from your Windows Phone.

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The site AppDreamr has a great idea in mind for consumers and developers: submit your app ideas, including any screenshots or features you want and let the community vote on it. Then a developer will see which app "dreams" are the most popular and will basically call "dibs" on it bringing the idea to life. From Arian Kulp, the site's creator:

"This isn't just a way to suggest that apps on other platforms are ported, but to be able to pitch a great idea for a new app.  The main audience is for the end-users to dream up the app features and screen mockups, and discuss them.  The expectation is that devs will see the highest-voted app ideas and will want to produce them (less of an unknown if it will succeed).  I envision a community of passionate users dreaming up great concepts, and developers getting popular by implementing them."

It's really a great idea as users get the apps they want and devs can find work and new concepts to start off from. Plus, as pointed out, devs will have more confidence in the app being successful if folks are demanding and voting on the idea.

So devs and thinkers, head over to to get started.

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