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As we noted in a recent article, the Voxer team has opened up its Windows Phone 8 app for consumers to hop on to the beta program and get involved to help shape the app for launch. The app is currently listed on the store, but is unavailable to those who are not signed up and been accepted for the test program. But it's not all doom and gloom as this shows it's almost here and also provides a tease to what we can all expect.

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"Are you ready to start Voxing on your Windows Phone?" That's what the public announcement on the Voxer support forum reads, which details a beta program for the Windows Phone platform. Good news for those who are eagerly awaiting the service to support Microsoft's mobile platform. So how does one get involved with the company to test out its product?

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Vox Communications is planning to support Windows Phone with its mobile VoIP service. The company currently supports Android, but it has since revealed that plans are set to launch versions on other platforms in the future. The first platform to receive such blessing will be iOS, but we are likely to see BlackBerry and Windows Phone on the horizon thereafter.

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HTC Vox Definitely Coming to Verizon

We reported a couple weeks ago that Verizon would see the Vox and it looks like Boy Genius has confirmed it. Looks to be coming in October with the specs we expec(t):

  • EVDO (upgradable to Rev A)
  • 2 megapixel camera
  • 128 RAM, 64 ROM
  • Ridiculously bad name

That last spec, maybe I added it. It's going to be called the UTStarcom SMT5800. Somebody tell me who at UTStarcom is wielding that ugly stick. First they make the device uglier than the Vox (click the thumb at right to see it) , then they saddle it with "SMT5800?" I already made fun of them for rebranding the Mogul the "XV6800," now this. Imagine:

  • "Hey, that's a neat a neat phone. What is it?"
  • "It's my Vox."
  • "Sweet. What's it do?"


  • "Hey, that's a neat phone. What is it?"
  • "It's my UTStarcom SMT5800."
  • "Whoa, hey, I think your pocket protector might be leaking."

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