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You're going to get behind the wheel? No, you want to catch the bus? Hold it, dear chap! Instead, since it's Mobile Nations Fitness Month, why don't you make use of the pedestrian functionality in the Windows Phone Maps app? Stretch those legs, turn up the beats and introduce your favourite swagger to the unexpected public.

There's nothing like a casual stroll on a Friday afternoon, right? Planning a walking route is an easy feature to overlook when not used on a regular basis but it is a simple feature to make use of.  A feature that will help you get to and from your destination and burn a few calories along the way.

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It’s no secret that we’re fans of mapping applications and with Windows Phone 7 we had a very capable built in mapping app created by Microsoft themselves that used the Bing mapping at the backend. Since then Microsoft have switched Bing to use Nokia's mapping platform on the web and now with the latest version of Windows Phone.

With Windows Phone 8 we see a marked upgrade to the baked-in capabilities of maps, as Nokia have embedded their “where” platform right into the heart of the OS. Nokia have just updated their Nokia Maps app to 3.0 and with it we start to see some of the big improvements that these underlying changes to the OS will bring. We think you're going to like it.

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See where you're going with See Through Messaging

Note this as a strange, but useful app. See Through Messaging for Windows Phone allows the user to create SMS messages and emails on an overlay on top of a real time view of what's behind your handset via the camera. Basically, you can type while looking through your phone.

We've seen this before with TransparentTXT, which runs for $2.49, but See Through Messaging goes for the low, low price of free. (And of course LG users have had 'Look N Type' for free for ages through their app store).

Should you find yourself on the move while contacting other people, See Through Message could save you some embarrassment when not paying attention to what's in front of you. Only downside we noticed was there's not auto-correct nor word suggestions, which means your texting perambulations will be filled with errors, unless you're careful.

Download See Through Messaging from the Marketplace for nothing at all.

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TransparentTXT - Mango App Spotlight

Ever walk into a light pole or mail box while walking and texting on your Windows Phone? TransparentTXT is a Windows Phone Mango app that hopes to take some of the hazards out of texting while walking.

Described as the solution for the text-walker, TransparentTXT activates your Windows Phone camera and throws a SMS overlay on top of your camera view. This way you can typed while having a view of what your about to walk into.

The on-screen display includes your keyboard, text fields and character count. You can also manage text and keyboard transparency in the settings. We agree with the developers warning that this app is not designed to allow you to text while driving and the recommendation that it is best to stop walking and then text. But, some like to keep moving and TransparentTXT might help steer you clear of light poles, mail boxes, small children or any other obstacle you may encounter while out walking.

There is a free trial available for TransparentTXT with the full version running $2.49. You can find both here (opens Zune) at the Marketplace. Remember you'll need to be running Mango on your Windows Phone to use TransparentTXT.

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City Walk - Review

It's a little strange reviewing an exercise app for your Windows Phone while its still winter but, we ran across an interesting Windows Phone 7 app that might come in handy when the weather improves. City Walk has been developed by Powerapp that will add a competitive twist to your outdoor walking routine.

The concept is simple, the Windows Phone 7 app divides your city into 50x50 meters sectors and your goal is to touch upon each of the fifty squares. Sure you could cheat and hit them all while driving around in your car but you don't burn as many calories that way.

To read more on City Walk, just make the jump past the break.

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