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There's nothing worse than your Windows Phone taking some physical damage as the appearance of a smartphone is fairly important, especially when it's a Lumia 920 or other Windows Phone. There's really only one instance when an issue can prove more irritating and that's when the software (or a combination of it and hardware) royally breaks and thus bricking the device. How useful is a bricked Windows Phone? Well, it's good paperweight, I suppose. This is what happened to my poor white Lumia 920. Let me tell you a short story of what happened and how quickly the issue was resolved by Nokia.

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Microsoft Surface RT Touch Cover issues

We've heard rumblings about the Microsoft Surface RT Touch Cover coming un-raveled along the connector. The plastic shell on the keyboard separates and exposes the connecting wires. Not a really good situation.

The separation looks as if it is caused when you fold the keyboard over behind the Surface and the plastic shell is stretched too far and comes loose. If you're having problems with the Surface Touch Cover, while a roll of duct tape could fix the problem, there's a better solutions.  Here's what you need to do.

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We hate writing posts ripping on Samsung because we're generally big fans of their Windows Phones (who isn't)? So it kind of pains us to write how, at least through the Twitter Canadian support channel, they're telling a customer that his Windows Phone's warranty is now void since he carrier unlocked it. Specifically, Colin B. has an AT&T carrier branded Focus that he wants to work on Fido. He has to have data-roaming enabled even though it is carrier unlocked so he asked Samsung about it...hence their response: "Hi Colin. Your warranty is void. Please contact Fido if you have issues with data usage."

We've actually seen this before with the MMS issue. There, Samsung said there phones are meant for specific networks only and do not support reconfiguration. Of course that was sort of nonsense as they had a semi-working app in their App store for that purpose. They then updated it to fix the MMS configuration error.

Carrier unlocking phones is a pretty standard practice these days, especially with places like Europe considering it a consumer right. So it's odd to see Samsung wiping their hands of the matter with a customer who has an issue. What do you folks think--Samsung being fair and within their rights or just poor customer service?

Source: Twitter; Thanks, Colin, for the info

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Sprint warranty changes, for the better

Here's an interesting tidbit for all you Sprint users out there.  As some of you may know, if you have insurance through Asurion your deductible went up to $100 (previously $50) this month for all Windows Mobile and PDA devices.  The good news is Sprint has greatly simplified and expanded its insurance policy for its customers.

Starting this past Sunday (April 12th), you can now walk into any Sprint store and if your device is within the 1-year manufacture warranty, you can have it serviced usually for free. Here at the requirements:

Within first year = No Charge for:

  • Phone Book Swaps
  • Software Updates
  • Mechanical failure
  • Electrical failure
  • No DAMAGE evident

If outside the first year or damage is below, Charge = $99/$119

  • Missing components
  • Failure w/cosmetic damage
  • Normal wear and tear
  • Broken hinge/lenses/port
  • Cracked housing/LCD

In the past, you had to play back-and-forth between the manufacture and Sprint, each passing you off for the warranty coverage.  Now, you just walk into a Sprint center and deal with them directly.  We find this a much welcomed change on paper at least, we'll see how it is executed in reality. Join us after the break to see the full "official" Sprint .pdf screen shots of this policy change.

[via ppcgeeks]

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