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There isn't a shortage of Windows tablets out there, but specifications and designs have been rather similar, if not identical. Looking to differentiate themselves from the OEM pack, Fujitsu has begun taking orders for its STYLISTIC Q584 Windows 8.1 tablet. What makes this device different from other offerings already available? Good question, head on past the break to find out.

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The other day we took a look at the Otterbox 2000 waterproof case for your Windows Phone. In the past, we've also looked at waterproof solutions such as the Overboard Waterproof Case to keep your Windows Phone dry. But what if you want to listen to music while your Windows Phone is high and dry? If your waterproof solution has a port for headphones, take a look at the Overboard Waterproof Headphones.

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Windows Phone Accessory Review: Otterbox 2000

If you're looking for a waterproof case for your Windows Phone, take a gander at the Otterbox 2000. The case is waterproof (submersible up to 100 feet), crush proof and airtight.  The Otterbox 2000 is a nice option if you're looking for a solution to protect your Windows Phone from the elements.  I can see it come in handy on the beach, in the boat, on the four wheeler or any where else dust, water, grit and grime needs to stay away from your Windows Phone.

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If there was one phone that really piqued the interest of our Western readers, it would be the Toshiba-Fujitsu IS12T. Coming in bright pink, yellow and blue, the phone is completely unique mostly due to its specs: 32GB of storage, 13MP camera, water/dust proof and a 4" screen.

So we were quite excited to see a few of them on display here at CES as it was our first and perhaps only time to be able to take it for a spin. The phone is certainly interesting but those tiny front buttons are a little difficult at times to just "look and feel", though we suppose they may be better than all-capacitive for some of you. It is very plastic-y and feels quite nice in the hand, though the screen itself is a bit under whelming (it is similar to the HTC Arrive's in terms of contrast).

Definitely a great phone for  those in Japan but we'll still take a Nokia any day if given the choice.

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File this one under "curious", but it looks like Japanese carrier KDDI may be not only getting their first Windows Phone this August, but it'll be the first phone with "Mango" on board. The phone itself is a Toshiba-Fujitsu IS12T (catchy name!) which sports a 3.7" LCD screen and a water-resistant case. In fact, it looks to be the same phone first shown a few days ago at WPC11 by Microsoft.

The device also has FCC & Bluetooth clearance, which could mean a U.S. release at some point, but seeing a Fujitsu has little presence here, we're not too confident on that one.

Regarding that "first phone with Mango" bit, we would be a bit cautious on that as the OS hasn't gone gold yet and there are no firm dates yet for any release, let alone hardware. Microsoft for certain has projected "windows for release" but we would be surprised to see this actually happen by August. Then again, it could validate the whole Mango-in-September tweet from a few days ago, so who knows.

Source: Nikkei; via NanaPho; Thanks, tezawaly

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Review: Overboard Waterproof Case

On the heals of reviewing the Wavetooth waterproof Bluetooth headset, we thought we would turn our sights towards waterproof cases for your Windows Phone. Overboard offers a waterproof case over at the WMExperts.com Store that fits a wide assortment of Windows Phones.

We decided to take a look at the Overboard Case with the HTC Tilt2. As customary, just follow the break to see if the Overboard left us high and dry or sopping wet.

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We recently reviewed the Wavetooth IPX8 waterproof Bluetooth headset and found it to be an interesting Bluetooth accessory.  Not necessarily for everyday use but if you want to stay connected to your Windows Phone while in, on or around water it's a nifty gadget to have.

Now that we're through reviewing the Wavetooth, we want to give it away.  To have a chance at winning the waterproof headset, simply post a comment on one of our stories between now and Monday, August 30, 2010 at 9:00pm PST.  We'll then randomly pick the winner from these postings.

You will need to register to be eligible (no anonymous comments will win) and you can tackle that process here.  Good luck to everyone!

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Congratulations goes out to WMExperts.com member haggisgirl for posting the winning comment in our Wavetooth IPX8 Bluetooth headset giveaway.  Her post was randomly selected from the dozens made during the contest period.  We've dispatched a congratulatory email to haggisgirl and will be shipping her loot out shortly.

We would like to thank everyone who participated in this contest and don't give up hope.  We'll have another giveaway contest before you know it.

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Review: Wavetooth IPX8 BT headset


Water can be public enemy number one for Windows Phones, Bluetooth headsets and just about any electronic device. You can find plenty of waterproof bags for your Windows Phones but Bluetooth headsets aren't too effective when stowed away in a waterproof bag. Enter the Wavetooth IPX8 waterproof Bluetooth headset which is reportedly the first waterproof Bluetooth headset.  We've seen water resistant headsets, like the Samsung WEP-430, but I can't remember a water proof headset.

The creation of Hong Kong inventor John Mak, the Wavetooth allows you to enjoy being around the water and stay connected to your Windows Phone.  We've had a review unit for about a week now so ease on past the break to see how well this waterproof headset performed.

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